Full Stack PR versus DIY PR

What’s the difference between the Full Stack PR service and the DIY PR service?

We help companies succeed with PR via two different offerings. Our Full Stack PR Offering is effectively a Human+AI powered full-service PR agency, fulfilled by our team of PR professionals. DIY PR, by contrast, is a self-serve SaaS platform that enables you to execute your own PR outreach.

If you’re looking for full PR and strategic communications management, then Full Stack PR is the better option. Or, if you’re just looking to start winning some initial media coverage for your brand, then DIY PR might work better for you.

Full Stack PR

What’s included in the Full Stack PR service?

Full Stack PR is our signature, white-glove PR and communications agency service that we provide to clients. Our team of PR professionals build a strategy based around your specific needs and combine their relationships and industry know-how—accelerated by our proprietary AI-powered software—to generate impactul media coverage.

This includes strategic planning, weekly meetings with your account team, media monitoring, weekly media outreach, editorial support, media training, ghostwriting, interview prep, and journalist engagement management.

Who is Full Stack PR for?

Startups, growing businesses, and larger enterprises who want to leverage the power of media coverage to manage the narrative, increase exposure, and benefit the bottom line.

Who manages this service for clients?

The team managing each Full Stack PR client is overseen by a Principal with extensive PR industry experience, and is fulfilled by a dedicated PR Manager, PR Associate, PR Analyst, and Writer. Further support and expertise is also provided by our Editorial Director and our Head of Strategy.

What can I expect to achieve with Full Stack PR?

A regular drum beat of media coverage in outlets that matter the most to you. The type of coverage we generate includes thought leadership op-eds, interviews, Q&As, expert mentions, podcast appearances, press release write ups, and features. In addition to this we also secure conference speaking engagements, networking opportunities, and award wins for clients.

What’s the difference between Full Stack PR and a standard PR agency service?

Unlike some standard PR agency services, our Full Stack PR service is outcome-oriented, focused entirely on scoring media wins for our clients. This is accelerated by proprietary AI technology coupled with a lean team. We focus on results, not two- to three-month-long branding and inquisition exercises. We are ready to start pitching in the first week of the engagement.


Who is DIY PR for?

DIY PR has been designed for individuals and small teams who want to start generating media coverage for themselves and for their organization. The Essentials plan has been designed for freelancers and small businesses, while the Advanced plan has been designed for growing businesses and in-house marketing teams.

What’s the difference between the Essentials and Advanced DIY PR plans?

Essentials is our entry-level plan, which enables you to send up to 100 email pitches to journalists per month. The Advanced plan enables unlimited email pitches per month, and is therefore aimed at larger businesses and power users.

Can I upgrade or downgrade between each plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time, depending on your needs.

Do I need PR knowledge or experience to get the most out of the DIY PR platform?

No. We’ve designed DIY PR specifically with the needs of non-PR professionals in mind. We’ve trained our AI algorithms on thousands of media pitches and journalist interactions to uncover the essentials of professional PR techniques and automate them into our platform. Our intuitive workflows, AI-powered automations, and helpful customer success team give you all the tools you need to start interacting with the media as soon as you’re onboard.

What can I expect to achieve with DIY PR?

You can expect to reach the right journalists with compelling media pitches, quickly and easily, resulting in relationships and media coverage.

What email platforms does DIY PR integrate with?

Our DIY PR platform connects to nearly every major email service provider using secure integrations, so you can send and receive emails directly from your private email account. Never any middlemen—you own the conversation and the relationship. We can also provide custom email integration support for any email service providers that we don’t have a standard integration for.

Will DIY PR help me build backlinks?

Yes, earning backlinks is a major use case with our DIY PR platform. While we can’t guarantee that each piece of media coverage you generate with DIY PR will include a backlink (as this is up to the journalist or editor), we find that roughly 70% to 80% of wins result in a backlink.

How many journalists do you have in your database?

We have a rapidly growing database of over 100,000 top media contacts. Can't find someone in our database you want to reach? You can easily request additional contacts and our team will conduct a manual search.

What customer success support do you provide?

We have a customer success team that is on hand during U.S. business hours Monday to Friday, to provide you with any support that you need. This includes resolving technical issues such as custom email service integrations, and 1-to-1 coaching support to help you to optimize your campaigns so they generate more media coverage.

What’s involved during the onboarding process?

Our typical onboarding process takes just 10 minutes. All you need to do is input some basic company information so our platform can generate relevant topic suggestions, which you then rank from most to least relevant. This enables us to generate the first campaign for you, which you can then begin pitching once you complete your email integration.

How does DIY PR compare to services like Muck Rack, Meltwater, or Prowly?

Services such as Muck Rack, Meltwater, and Prowly are aimed at PR professionals who already know how to pitch to journalists, and just need access to a journalist database. These tools are therefore difficult to use for a non-PR professional, as they don't assist with pitch writing, personalization, and journalist recommendations.

We’ve designed DIY PR specifically for the non-PR professional, by automating all of the complex PR workflows and building an AI pitch writing assistant tool, so you can generate pitches as good as any PR agency can.


Can I cancel my DIY PR subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time and your subscription will expire on the last day of that month’s billing cycle.

What day of the month is payment taken?

Payment is taken each month on the date you first sign up, or as close to this date as possible.

Can I choose to pay monthly or annually?

We currently only offer a monthly payment plan, but we will be launching an annual payment plan in the near future.

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