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Preston Insights

The ChangeMakers Podcast tells inspiring stories of people who are driving positive change in the world. Hosted by Amanda Tattersall, an Australian changemaker and co-founder of GetUp, the podcast features two types of episodes: ChangeMaker Chats and documentary-style episodes.

The ChangeMaker Chats offer intimate conversations with renowned changemakers from various fields, such as activists, writers, campaigners, and public figures. These guests share their motivations, strategies, and insights on how they have made a difference, providing listeners with valuable lessons and inspiration.

The documentary-style episodes delve into specific change-making campaigns, exploring their origins, challenges, and impact. From the 2019 Hong Kong protests to the Standing Rock activists and climate campaigners like Bill McKibben, these episodes offer an in-depth look at the people and movements driving social, political, and environmental change.

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Change Makers
  • Activism
  • Climate Change
  • Communication
  • Community Building
  • Leadership
  • Social Change
  • Advocacy
  • Organizing
  • Racial Equity
  • Union Organizing
  • Public Service

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