Convos On The Pedicab

Convos On The Pedicab

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Author Name: Alex Strenger
Has Guests: Yes

Preston Insights

Convos On The Pedicab is a unique podcast hosted by Alex Strenger, where he brings people together on a pedicab in Austin, Texas, to discuss polarizing topics and find meaningful solutions. The podcast aims to foster open and honest conversations on controversial subjects, bridging divides and promoting understanding.

Each episode features Alex and his guests engaging in thought-provoking dialogues as they ride through the streets of Austin on a pedicab. The conversations cover a wide range of polarizing issues, from politics and social justice to personal beliefs and experiences.

While the podcast does not accept sponsors or additional guests, it offers a refreshing and unconventional platform for exploring complex topics in a casual and intimate setting. Alex Strenger's approach encourages respectful discourse and seeks to find common ground amidst differing perspectives.

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Polarizing topics
  • Meaningful solutions
  • Bitcoin
  • Election integrity
  • Conservative values
  • American culture
  • Hollywood
  • Israeli Palestinian conflict
  • Libertarianism
  • Bitcoin ecosystem
  • Regenerative farming

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