Trademark Belfast

Trademark Belfast

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Author Name: A Worker's Guide To Everything
Has Guests: Yes

Preston Insights

Trademark Belfast is a podcast from the anti-sectarian unit of the Irish Labour Movement based in Belfast. It focuses on political economy and solidarity economy, exploring these topics through a critical lens.

The episodes delve into various issues related to global capitalism, trade, arms dealing, Marxist theory, and the rise of far-right movements. The hosts provide in-depth analysis and commentary on these subjects, often drawing from historical context and economic data.

With episode titles like "The Global Arms Trade," "Marxism in the Revolutionary Period," and "Economic Myths Debunked," the podcast aims to educate listeners on the complexities of the global economic system and its implications for workers and marginalized communities. The show does not feature guests or accept sponsorships, maintaining an independent voice focused on its core mission.

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Political economy
  • Solidarity economy
  • Arms trade
  • Gold
  • Militarisation
  • Economic myths
  • Marxist writers
  • Housing
  • Capitalism
  • Extreme right
  • Eco socialist revolution
  • Geopolitics

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