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    How Decentralized Finance Can Increase Access to Capital in Emerging Markets

    Hi Anabelle,§§Hope you’re well. I wanted to share an idea that might get a lot of attention in the media, and thought you might be interested.§With digital coins and assets becoming increasingly popular among...
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    How Much Should You Spend On Content Marketing? It’s A Lot Less Than You Think

    Hi Jamie,§§Hope you’re well. Thought I’d share an interesting subject you might want to consider.§In short, most marketers agree on the fact that video is among the most successful marketing tools, significantly increasing brand awareness, traffic, and sales.§However...
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    May I Send More Info? Re: Remote Onboarding for Internal Teams

    Hi Gwen,§§We've been following some of your recent articles at HR Industry Mag and enjoyed your coverage of employment and HR related issues, especially your recent piece about changes to employee benefits.§Would you / your audience perhaps be interested in...
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    Guest Article Idea: How To Reduce Employee Turnover by 33%

    Hi Diana,§§We have been enjoying your recent coverage of evolving work culture, especially your recent piece on digital health in the workplace. Per your coverage, we had a story idea that might be of interest to your readership.§Would you be interested in connecting to Alex...
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News moves fast. You can move faster. Find hundreds of creative ways to ‘tell your story’ - not only waiting for when you to have something newsworthy to share. By tying into trending stories, themes, and key product messaging, Intelligent Relations writes custom, interesting stories to journalists and editors that come from your company directly.

Identify Top Journalists and Intelligently Pitch Them Your Stories

Program talking points in to your dashboard, then our AI analyzes which journalists we should reach out to based on their articles, writing, tweets, and other public online activity.

PR Service That Works for You 24/7

Intelligent Relations uses GPT-neo technology to write journalists true, personalized emails with your key talking points. This happens 24/7, on weekends and holidays, our AI engines are constantly looking out for your brand. By monitoring and continuously updating the relevant journalist list and connecting with them to build a relationship based on stories they cover, you ensure that they continue making you a key source.

Transparent Reporting

PR shouldn’t be a black box. Unlike traditional PR firms, Intelligent Relations will never hide poor performance in obscure metrics that don’t really matter. You get complete transparency into every part of the process, complete with your own dashboard, accessible 24/7. Clear executive-style analysis of weekly PR efforts on all the campaign data, emails sent out, journalist lists, articles/publications and competitors. Nothing is hidden and you own the connections.