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Welcome to Preston, an artificial intelligence platform that amplifies PR results. Preston helps you build relationships with the journalists who are the most relevant to your story.

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Why Intelligent Relations?

We empower businesses and professionals with our innovative, public relations AI platform, enabling growing companies to outpace the competition with timely, affordable, and on-point media coverage. The Intelligent Relations PR platform Preston learns about your organization, connects you with relevant journalists in minutes, and lets you leverage the latest trends and news while providing expert, personalized PR guidance. Designed to help businesses and PR pros alike succeed in leveraging intelligent PR, Preston helps build journalist relationships and offers tailored strategic support. Get a personalized demo to see what Intelligent Relations can do for you.

About Our Technology

Over the past three years, Intelligent Relations has developed a cutting-edge AI platform tailored to address the crucial PR needs of enterprise businesses, startups, and comms professionals. Here’s how it works.

Intelligent Media Monitoring Powered By AI

News never stops, and neither does our media monitoring platform. Stay ahead of the curve – identify breaking stories, keep an eye on competitor strategies, and receive updates on your industry’s hot topics with ease.

AI-Assisted Pitch Writing

Our AI-powered pitch-drafing assistant surpasses others by understanding your company’s unique qualities. Trained on thousands of successful real-world, expert-crafted pitches, and customized with the help of your business data, our technology delivers on-point ideas and fully on-brand outreach emails that resonate with journalists in your industry.

Intelligently Match to 200k+ Journalists

Our robust journalist matching algorithms identify which journalists are most likely to respond to your outreach from a dynamic database of hundreds of thousands of reporters and influencers.

Complete Transparency via a Real-Time Dashboard

Enjoy complete transparency in all outreach efforts and detailed reporting on performance. Make informed decisions in real-time and optimize future campaigns based on data-driven insights. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of our comprehensive approach to PR.

Technology for Companies and PR Pros

Our Preston platform is at the core of everything we do, and it is available to companies through two distinct offerings depending on how much hands-on support you want.


PR Services for Companies

All your PR outreach will be professionally managed by a dedicated team who meets with you regularly, coordinates your interviews, and supports your success using Preston. You get full transparency into all outreach through dashboards featuring campaign insights and data-driven reports. Start out with our full-service tier to access the best of IR’s technology and offerings.

Full Service Agency

Get PR agency full service that leverages the best of Intelligent Relations’ tech and is expertly managed by a well-trained team of professionals.
  • Full Team Support on PR strategy and execution.
  • Weekly meetings with your PR team.
  • PR Strategy (Full) on story ideas, campaign ideas, company milestones, and other key priorities.
  • Full Editorial Support, as needed on demand.
  • Leverage Preston AI Platform + other channels.
  • Starts at $6,500 / Month
  • Summer Sale - get your first month free for a limited time.

Are you a public relations or marketing professional looking to use Preston for your clients?

Connect with a Specialist

PR Platform for Professionals

Our proprietary, AI-powered PR software supports communications industry professionals through enhanced efficiencies in standard processes like list building, pitch writing, and more. Preston learns from your previous campaigns and client data to provide personalized, invaluable assistance at every level of outreach and strategic public relations efforts.

Platform Features for
Pros and Small Agencies

  • Unlimited access to a constantly learning and improving AI-powered PR software.
  • Unlimited tech support.
  • Rapidly expanding media database with more than 50 million articles.
  • Fast-growing journalist database with regular AI-driven updates.
  • Intelligent pitching fueled by client data.
  • Intelligent journalist matching with filters including geography, covered topics and themes, and more.
  • Real time reporting on campaign success and engagement.
Frank Huerta
Curtail, Inc.

“I cannot speak emphatically enough about the exceptional services provided by Intelligent Relations. Their team's talent and dedication have been instrumental in driving significant media coverage. The Preston Managed Service offering exceeded our expectations and were proactive, responsive--all the while keeping us informed every step without requiring too much time or direct engagement from us. I highly recommend their services to any organization in need of real results.”

Colleen Hilderman Clayton

"As a boutique business in a small but influential niche in the Aviation Safety Solutions business. we needed a PR partner who could fulfill AFuzion’s expansion & association needs: Web-site elevation, aviation industry & media exposure, increased SEO, improved reporting & results, be within budget, and personalization. From day one, Intelligent Relations has innovated, created, activated, and achieved. IR is now a MUST in our budget, and the team trusted partners & friends."

Marie Wise
Chief Innovation Officer

"From the beginning of our time with Intelligent Relations we felt like the firm treated us as a top client. The team we were assigned worked diligently and responded to requests in a timely matter. Not only was IR responsive, but they were proactive in helping us determine the tone of what our company wanted to pitch, as well as the path to generating the right base for our growing startup. A collection of smart strategists backed by talented writers."