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Accelerate Your PR with Preston by Intelligent Relations

  1. Earn More Media Coverage
  2. Find the Right Journalists
  3. Amplify Your Brand
  4. Never Miss a Story

Powerful AI + Human Intelligence

Our AI-powered platform, Preston, allows you to more deeply analyze journalists in an instant so you can send more relevant pitches, get higher response rates, and build better relationships. Get a guided tour of Preston to see how AI-enabled communications can help elevate PR results.

A Powerful Platform for Professionals

Leverage a vast media database to ensure your pitches are always on point.
Track and optimize all campaigns to earn media coverage that delivers the biggest impact.
Access technology that will help you build relationships with only the most relevant journalists.

And much more!

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A Streamlined Service for Companies

Bring human expertise and technology together to elevate PR results.
Manage campaigns and send pitches that are always up to date with the latest trends.
Help you increase brand visibility and grow your audience through stronger journalist relationships and data-driven campaigns.

And much more!

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