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We’re on a mission to democratize PR through technology, empowering leaders and brands to start generating media coverage.

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Who We Are

We’re a remote company that is combining the latest AI technology with deep PR industry expertise to democratize access to the media.

Instead of relying on old school networks and connections, we leverage AI to build a broader and smarter set of relationships. By breaking down the fundamentals of PR, from media monitoring and journalist database building, to pitch writing and email outreach, we’ve developed a suite of products that puts the power into your own hands.

You own the relationships, you own the data. We are not a traditional PR Agency.


Our Story

As serial startup founders and PR experts, we believe that the legacy PR agency model is broken. These firms act as a black box, selling access to their connections and often overcharging and under delivering. We’ve set out to fix this.

Founded in 2020, we’ve quickly grown to over 50 team members distributed across 14 countries in four continents. Within this short time we’ve already helped a global clientbase achieve impactful media coverage in all types of outlets, from top tier to specialist tech media.

A cross-cultural, dynamic and vibrant startup mindset lies at the heart of everything we do, enabling us to think big and solve problems.

Our Technology

We combine the latest AI text-generation models with big datasets containing hundreds of thousands of articles and journalists. Using a few basic inputs from you during the onboarding process, including your industry, areas of focus and competitors, our platform gets to work collating and curating the most relevant stories and journalists for you.

You’re then served with a list of target journalists that we predict will be most receptive to hearing from you, while our AI pitch writing assistant auto-generates ready-to-send media pitches. All you need to do is review and click send, it’s that simple.


Rob Shavell


James Peerless


Steve Marcinuk

Co-founder & Head of Operations

Stamatis N. Astra

Co-founder & Head of Product

Rudi Davis

Head of Agency

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