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An all-in-one media monitoring, AI-assisted pitch writing, journalist recommendation and outreach platform that accelerates PR results with complete transparency.

About the Platform

Preston by Intelligent Relations finds journalists that are interested in your news, tracks breaking stories, and facilitates journalist outreach with AI pitch-writing.

Preston Understands Your Company in Seconds and Is Constantly Learning

Starting with the onboarding process, the Preston platform learns about your company instantly and begins offering intelligent recommendations in seconds. No coaching on industry nuances or waiting for your team to upskill on complicated technical terms – Preston accelerates onboarding with the power of AI. Plus, because the system has robust recursive learning algorithms, our recommendations improve over time and evolve with your company.

Robust Media Monitoring

Preston continuously processes millions of content pieces each month, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the latest trending stories impacting your business. By algorithmically analyzing influencers likely to cover these topics, you can stay ahead of the curve and strategically position your company for success through intelligent monitoring.

Frank Huerta

Curtail, Inc.

“I cannot speak emphatically enough about the exceptional services provided by Intelligent Relations. Their team's talent and dedication have been instrumental in driving significant media coverage. The Preston Managed Service offering exceeded our expectations and were proactive, responsive--all the while keeping us informed every step without requiring too much time or direct engagement from us. I highly recommend their services to any organization in need of real results.”

Colleen Hilderman Clayton


"As a boutique business in a small but influential niche in the Aviation Safety Solutions business. we needed a PR partner who could fulfill AFuzion’s expansion & association needs: Web-site elevation, aviation industry & media exposure, increased SEO, improved reporting & results, be within budget, and personalization. From day one, Intelligent Relations has innovated, created, activated, and achieved. IR is now a MUST in our budget, and the team trusted partners & friends."

Marie Wise

Chief Innovation Officer

"From the beginning of our time with Intelligent Relations we felt like the firm treated us as a top client. The team we were assigned worked diligently and responded to requests in a timely matter. Not only was IR responsive, but they were proactive in helping us determine the tone of what our company wanted to pitch, as well as the path to generating the right base for our growing startup. A collection of smart strategists backed by talented writers."

200k+ Journalist Database, Thoughtful AI Matching

Our extensive journalist database includes over 200,000 journalists and influencers, each thoroughly analyzed to understand their interests and expertise. This enables us to target outreach with relevant, well-crafted pitches. Journalists are systematically tagged and continuously updated based on their preferences, written content, and even pitch responses, ensuring your outreach consistently reaches key individuals with a direct impact on your industry.

Personalized Text Generation, Built for Public Relations

Out-of-the-box AI text generation tools aren’t designed to understand public relations or understand client industries. That’s why we’ve developed an AI pitch generator – built on top of the world’s most powerful models and pre-trained to learn specific company messaging – to find specific story ideas that the media will love. Our solution crafts personalized emails, ensuring that all outreach accurately represents any company’s identity and values. Plus with our PR professionals supervising campaign outreach, you enjoy the best of both worlds – swift execution combined with expert attention to your brand and reputation.

Accelerate Your Media Coverage and Amplify Your Brand.

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