We help clients across a broad range of industries to win meaningful media coverage. Explore some of our areas of expertise.

intelligent relations technology pr

Technology PR

We work with a variety of tech startups and established companies that deal in a multitude of different technologies, including SaaS, PaaS, IoT, AI, security tech, and more.

intelligent relations fintech pr

Fintech PR

When it comes to fintechs, our expertise expands across consumer and B2B financial services, including lenders, payment providers, investment platforms, and decentralized finance (DeFi) services.

intelligent relations education pr

Education PR

Whether you're in the EdTech, public, private, or higher education sectors, we understand the necessity of maintaining strong, targeted messaging and a trustworthy brand identity.

intelligent relations energy pr

Energy PR

We help clients in the renewable energy and green technology sectors address the distinct challenges of the industry with enhanced PR coverage.

intelligent relations retail pr

Retail PR

Our retail clients span from online retailers and CPG companies to the tech startups serving the retail industry. We help you establish a strong, targeted message for your audience while building brand loyalty and trust.

intelligent relations government pr

Government PR

We help clients earn relevant and authoritative media coverage in the government sector while maintaining transparency and brand trust.

intelligent relations security and cybersecurity pr

Security and Cybersecurity PR

Our cybersecurity expertise extends across MFA, phygital security, ransomware protection, MSP and IoT video surveillance vendors, helping them to explain complex topics to large audiences.

intelligent relations healthcare pr

Healthcare PR

We work with healthtech and healthcare companies across numerous verticals including software vendors, device manufacturers, digital platform providers, and healthcare facility providers.

intelligent relations cpg and consumer pr

CPG & Consumer PR

We have experience handling PR for a range of CPG and consumer clients. Whether you're in the retail, food and beverage, healthcare, travel, sustainability, or lifestyle industries, we can help you achieve your goals.

intelligent relations b2b tech pr

B2B Tech PR

If you provide a B2B tech product or services, we can help you find your audience and calibrate your messaging. Our clients represent a vast range of B2B tech products and services, including SaaS, apps, IoT, AI, blockchain, UX/UI, DevOps, and cybersecurity, among others.

intelligent relations sustainability pr

Sustainability PR

Here at Intelligent Relations, we help companies with products and services focused on sustainability and cleantech get the earned media placement they need.

intelligent relations aviation pr

Aviation PR

Our PR experts can develop campaigns for airlines, manufacturers, developers, and other players in the aviation and aerospace industries.

intelligent relations industrial pr

Industrial PR

Whether your company handles industrial engineering, IIoT, manufacturing, or supply chain logistics, we help you send the right message across all vital touchpoints.

intelligent relations leisure and sports pr

Leisure and Sports PR

Sports and leisure is a large industry. Whether you're building an app, retailing sports or leisure equipment, or creating the next hot video or board game, we can help you stand out.

intelligent relations food pr

Food PR

When it comes to food, we make sure that our clients receive PR services as personal and high quality as their products. Our clients produce a variety of food and beverage products for a wide audience.

intelligent relations lifestyle pr

Lifestyle PR

Whether your brand blends tech, sports, health, sustainability, fashion, or food, you have a story to tell. We support a variety of lifestyle clients through authentic messaging that resonates with audiences.

intelligent relations franchise pr

Franchise PR

We understand that franchisors and franchisees will have different PR goals. You may want to start as small as increasing one store's traffic or go as big as expanding into a new market. We can help you get the relevant local or national media coverage that you need to succeed.

intelligent relations engineering pr

Engineering PR

Engineering spans multiple industries and the public and private sectors. We understand how important it is to deliver on-point content across these touchpoints. We make sure the media you earn gives you visibility and helps you reach the right audiences.

intelligent relations automotive pr

Automotive PR

Whether you're in manufacturing for electric vehicles or behind the latest tech innovations powering autonomous driving, we can help you earn media that will allow you to stand out in a crowded, noisy market.

intelligent relations hospitality and travel pr

Hospitality and Travel PR

Our clients offer a variety of products and services spanning the travel, hospitality, tourism, and lifestyle industries. We help you stay ahead of trends and position your brand as relevant and timely in a fast-paced industry.

intelligent relations cannabis pr

CBD & Cannabis PR

Stand out in the ultra competitive cannabis & CBD industry with media coverage in respected media outlets, whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer or device manufacturer.

intelligent relations crypto and blockchain pr

Crypto & Blockchain PR

We possess a deep understanding of the crypto industry and the technology underpinning this, and have worked with companies including crypto investment funds, NFT developers and DAOs.

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