Public Relations Managed By Our Experts

An end-to-end public relations solution, combining cutting-edge AI with a dedicated team of experienced professionals to elevate your brand's outreach and achieve tangible, consistent results.

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Earn Impactful Coverage Through PR Expertise + Technology 

We rely on advanced artificial intelligence and trained PR experts who work with you to help you grow your company, enhance brand awareness, and grow your audience. Our business model allows us to achieve quality consistent results, completely personalized to your brand. We scale up or down to meet your needs and budget so you can earn the most relevant coverage and build relationships with the right journalists. 

Managed Service PR

A light-touch, effective PR service for small companies and growing brands looking to amplify their message and get started with PR.  Monthly meetings with dedicated public relations pros and full pitching support allows your company to earn 1-2 pieces of media coverage a month in the publications that matter. 


Full Service PR

Our Full Service PR offering is a lower-cost alternative to traditional PR agencies and combines regular strategic support and tactical execution with the latest technology to out-perform legacy agencies at a fraction of the price. Your dedicated PR team will help ensure you connect with the most relevant journalists so you can earn more coverage and build the relationships that have the greatest impact in your industry


Choose the model that fits best for your organization.

We provide options so you can keep on track with your PR goals while making the best use of your resources. 

Managed Services

  • 1 PR manager to plan and execute your outreach
  • Monthly meeting with your PR manager
  • PR strategy (light) on story ideas, campaign ideas, and pitching
  • 1 monthly writing piece, either a byline or press release
  • Leverages Preston AI platform
  • Starts at $2,500 / Month

Full-Service Agency

A full-service PR agency service that leverages the best of Intelligent Relations’ technology and is expertly managed by a well-trained team of professionals.
  • Full Team Support on PR strategy and execution.
  • Weekly meetings with your PR team.
  • PR Strategy (Full) on story ideas, campaign ideas, company milestones, and other key priorities.
  • Full Editorial Support, as needed on demand.
  • Leverages Preston AI Platform + Other Channels.
  • Starts at $5,000 / Month

Are you a public relations or marketing professional looking to use Preston for your clients?

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Helping Growing Companies in Niche Industries Earn Media Coverage that Matters

Our team of PR experts support your company in achieving your strategic communication needs. From amplifying your media presence to scheduling interviews and building thought leadership in the right outlets, we help you build brand awareness with your target audience so you can position your company at the head of your industry. 

Fast, Targeted Results

We take the time to understand your goals, and we leverage technology to achieve them faster with more accuracy. We use the latest trends and big news stories in your industry to showcase your unique viewpoint to win coverage and build relationships with major influencers. 


Fully Transparent Campaigns

Our clients have full transparency into their results. Preston features campaign tracking and reporting dashboards so you can see exactly what is working best for you and where you are having the greatest impact. 

Strategic Insights

Our CEO-ready reports and deep journalist insights fueled by AI ensure you can make informed strategic decisions that benefit your media efforts. You’ll also have access to insights on competitor coverage and trending news and topics in your industry. 

Your Trusted Strategic Communications Partner

Experience the complete suite of full-service PR agency offerings, from strategy development through to AI-powered journalist relationship management. Plus Preston, our custom-engineered AI platform, powers all engagement to deliver unmatched intelligence and support throughout each activity.

Key Features

  • Full team support on PR strategy and execution.
  • Weekly meetings with your PR team.
  • PR strategy (full) on story ideas, campaign ideas, company milestones, and other key priorities.
  • At-cost writing services to support your goals
  • Leverages Preston AI Platform + other channels.

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