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An end-to-end public relations solution, combining cutting-edge technology with a dedicated team of experienced professionals to elevate your brand's outreach and achieve tangible, lasting results.

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Strategic Media Relations

To grow your company, develop profitable partnerships and gain market share Intelligent Relations offers a full-service white glove offering. This service is managed by seasoned professionals with years of experience in conveying your message to the right audience. Whether you are just establishing yourself in an existing market, creating a new one or preparing for an exit, our team will bring decades of experience to ensure your success.


Proven Success with Growing Companies in Niche Technologies

Deep Tech

Our expertise in promoting Deep Tech businesses lies in showcasing niche technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computing, and robotics, demonstrating their potential to revolutionize industries and propel forward-thinking brands.

Finance & FinTech PR

We help the next generation of FinTech companies amplify their brands and promote their technologies. From integrated loan management systems to digital payment solutions and blockchain platforms, our team has the expertise to guide you through each step of the way.

PR for Telecommunications

Supporting innovative Telecom companies in expanding their reach, we support companies working with niche technologies such as 5G infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), and unified communications systems to position for success.

Healthcare and HealthTech

We enable HealthTech companies to make a lasting impact by promoting niche technologies such as telemedicine, health monitoring wearables, and electronic health records, showcasing their contributions to the industry.

Government & GovTech PR

We’re here to help them thrive in areas like e-governance, cybersecurity, and data management, enhancing their brand visibility and credibility.

PR for Retail

Our team drives success for retail clients, amplifying niche technologies like inventory management systems, Augmented Reality (AR) showrooms, and customer analytics platforms, emphasizing their value and edge in the market.

Education & eLearning

Assisting EdTech organizations in reaching new heights, we capably promote technologies like learning management systems, adaptive learning platforms, and gamification tools to highlight their innovation and growth.


We support TransportTech companies by highlighting their impact on the industry with niche technologies such as fleet management solutions, smart traffic systems, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, boosting brand recognition and reach.

Your Trusted Strategic Communications Partner

Experience the complete suite of full-service PR agency offerings, from strategy development through to journalist relationship management. Plus Preston our custom-engineered AI platform, powers all engagement, delivering unmatched intelligence and support throughout each activity.

Key Features

  • Full Team Support on PR strategy and execution.
  • Weekly meetings with your PR team.
  • PR Strategy (Full) on story ideas, campaign ideas, company milestones, and other key priorities.
  • Full Editorial Support, as needed on demand.
  • Leverages Preston AI Platform + Other Channels.

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