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The consumer goods space is a crowded one. At Intelligent Relations, we understand that and make sure your brand stands out in a meaningful way through strategic, creative consumer PR.

Consumer Goods Public Relations

The CPG industry covers a lot of ground, and so do we. We have experience in the retail, food and beverage, healthcare, travel, sustainability, and lifestyle sectors. Our goal is to help you build brand awareness, introduce new products, and converse as an expert on emerging trends. Through strategic consumer PR, we tell your brand story in a way that helps you form long-lasting relationships with both your consumers and the media. And ultimately, we help you expand, grow, and sell.


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Our Results

We help you get coverage in the most relevant niche and top-tier media for your product. Here are some of the top placements we’ve made for our consumer PR clients.

gq magazine lifestyle pr
good housekeeping lifestyle pr magazine
in style magazine lifestyle pr

Our Clients

Our CPG and consumer PR clients produce a range of products and services from hair medication to eco-friendly cleaners. Have a look at some of our clients:

byoplanet sustainability pr client
honey smoked fish food pr client

Our CPG & Consumer PR Services

We start by giving you access to an experienced PR professional. Our experts use our AI-powered PR platform, Preston, to identify and match you with relevant trends, journalists, and publications in your niche. Next, we develop a unique, data-driven consumer PR strategy around these insights for you. We take a holistic approach to PR and marketing by providing you with content writing services, social media management, SEO, and other digital marketing initiatives. Finally, we help you execute and achieve your PR goals across multiple platforms and channels.

Get AI-enhanced Coverage Opportunities

For CPG brands, your audience is varied and can discover your product through multiple avenues. It’s important to make sure you’re delivering a on-point messaging in the right place at the right time. We pair AI with human expertise to tailor our consumer PR campaigns to your ideal audience across various media outlets and channels so you can get featured in the right industry, lifestyle and news publications.

AI PR platform from intelligent relations

Brand Storytelling Tailored to Your Consumer Audience

We understand that it’s important to connect with consumers on a personal level. We also understand the shifting goals and audiences that may come with scaling your company and offer. Intelligent Relations helps you discover emerging CPG and consumer trends so that your messaging is always on point and drives brand loyalty. We make sure that you’re addressing consumer, industry, or investor audiences in the right tone with the most impactful storytelling.

pr services from intelligent relations ai pr platform

Meet Our AI-powered Platform – Preston

Preston is our powerful AI platform that our experts use to identify key trends and journalists. Based on your company profile and input, our experts can produce targeted, personalized outreach and strategies. You and your account manager can then track all of your consumer PR campaigns and progress from Preston’s dashboard.

intelligent relations ai pr platform preston dashboard

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