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Establishing yourself as a trustworthy leader in the energy industry takes the right connections, expertise, and channels. That kind of energy PR is exactly what Intelligent Relations provides.

Energy Public Relations

The energy sector touches nearly every other industry as more and more companies look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and go green. Competition is high in the space, so our communication, marketing, and energy PR professionals help you foster relationships in the media and obtain recognition among leaders in the industry.


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We’ve helped clients connect with top publications covering renewable energy and the green technology sector.

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Our Clients

Here are just a handful of some of our past and present clients who stand out in the energy industry.

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Our Energy PR Services

The energy sector is constantly changing as regulations and initiatives evolve. Our energy PR services are aimed at helping you navigate the media landscape and publicize your green initiatives or smart energy tech in a way that establishes your company as a reliable source and innovative market presence.

Establish a Multi-channel Presence

We have a deep understanding of the energy industry and the distinct challenges and opportunities present in energy PR. Our experienced PR team will help you develop potent campaigns across multiple channels that resonate with energy sector stakeholders and relevant media outlets.

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Manage Your Reputation in the Energy Sector

Position your organization as environmentally conscious and groundbreaking through on-point coverage. We leverage energy PR expertise to help you build your brand’s identity and presence. 

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Meet Our AI-powered PR Platform, Preston

Our AI-powered PR platform lets us identify and take advantage of the latest news and media in the energy industry. We use Preston to get up-to-date insights and monitor your competitors’ media presence so you can stay at the forefront of the clean energy industry.

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