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Take advantage of the latest trends and opportunities in your industry. We help franchisors and franchisees grow, expand, and gain brand recognition through AI-enhanced franchise PR.

Franchise Public Relations

At Intelligent Relations, we understand the different goals of both franchisors and franchisees. We help franchisors looking to attract franchisees, enter new markets, and increase brand recognition by developing targeted franchise PR strategies that achieve better coverage. Our services also help franchisees looking to increase in-store traffic and brand reputation through earning relevant local and niche media coverage and developing better communication with customers. Our expertise drives increased visibility and lets you take advantage of valuable opportunities in the marketplace. 


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Our Results

Discover how you can earn a range of media coverage and PR opportunities. From niche and local publications to top-tier outlets, Intelligent Relations ensures you meet your target audience where they are. Here are just a few of our top results for a variety of our clients across verticals:

the guardian
the new york times
boston herald
abc news
wall street journal
bloomberg news
forbes pr media coverage

Our Franchise PR Services

With us, you’ll receive value-driven franchise publicity and media relations services and access the journalists and publications that are the most relevant to your brand vision. Your dedicated account manager will help you create content marketing and social media strategies tailored to your brand guidelines and unique selling points. We provide thought leadership, SEO, and other essential services to give you a holistic, multi-channel marketing service aimed at engaging your current and future customers and stakeholders.

Get Matched with the Most Relevant Media Opportunities

Your account manager will identify unique, personalized coverage opportunities, audiences, publications, and media contacts. We help you get featured in both local and top-tier media outlets and leverage your existing relationships to give you the best chance at meeting your franchise PR goals.

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Compelling Storytelling to Grow Your Audience

Intelligent Relations focuses on helping you build and maintain strong relationships that bring you closer to achieving your goals. Whether you want to engage with customers, franchisees, employees, the community, industry influencers, or the media, we make sure your messaging is on point. Our experts will also help you increase your visibility with compelling stories that will help you drive both brand awareness and brand loyalty.

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Discover AI-powered Franchise PR

Meet our powerful AI-powered PR platform, Preston, which our experts use to identify key trends and opportunities relevant to your business. Your account manager can visualize the success of your campaigns, track competitor coverage, and access a vast database of journalists who are the best match for your company profile.

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