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We increase your brand awareness and help you target top publications and players in retail media. Our retail PR experts help you manage your media presence tailored to your brand and needs.

Retail Public Relations

Whether you’re looking for help with seasonal PR campaigns, product launches, multichannel marketing, local outreach, or brand storytelling, we can help. Our retail PR services include building you up as a thought leader in the retail space by showcasing your company’s expertise. We do that through strategic retail PR campaigns that target relevant media channels. We also take a holistic approach to retail PR by building your online presence, helping you with social media and content marketing, and providing you with a tailored brand strategy.


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We have experience working with clients across the retail landscape and have helped them connect with top and niche publications covering the industry through our retail PR expertise.

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Our Clients

Meet some of our past and present clients in the retail space. We have clients spanning from ecommerce software providers and other tech companies serving the retail industry to B2C sellers.

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Our Retail PR Services

The retail space is known for its fierce competition. Plus, staying on top of the latest technological innovations like VR and AI is a lot of work. Our retail PR experts help you establish strong, on-point messaging and a trustworthy brand identity. Through press releases, brand strategy, and consumer awareness campaigns, our managed retail PR services ensure you have everything you need to thrive in the retail landscape.

Manage Your Reputation

It’s important to keep consumers informed and make sure your brand reputation stays strong and visible. We help you meet your retail PR, marketing, and branding goals with strategic outreach on both a local and a national level.

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Stay on the Cutting Edge of Retail Innovation

With the emergence of AI, VR, and the advancement of digital payment services, you need to be able to immediately address cutting-edge topics and stay ahead of your competitors. We help you ensure all media coverage is on-point and in line with the latest trends in retail.

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Our AI-powered Retail PR Services

Preston is our AI PR platform that allows us to keep on top of current retail news topics and trends so we can use this media to your advantage. Preston also tracks the success of all your retail PR campaigns. 

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