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We help sports and leisure brands gain visibility and exposure. Discover how to generate consumer and media interest while positioning your brand as a novel addition to your industry.

Sports and Leisure Public Relations

From bikes to board games, sports and leisure products are everywhere. It’s vital to make sure that your unique product or service shines. At Intelligent Relations, we use advanced AI technology to curate trends, stories, influencers, and journalists tailored to your brand and product. The result is relevant, authentic storytelling presented to an audience of interested consumers and industry players. We focus on increasing your visibility and your bottom line with enhanced leisure and sports PR. 


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Our Results

We help you get coverage in the most relevant niche and top-tier media for your brand and product. Here are some of the top placements we’ve made for our sports and leisure PR clients.

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Our Clients

Our leisure and sport PR clients produce a range of products and services from bikes to apps to sports betting.

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Our Leisure and Sports PR Services

You want to connect with consumers across multiple channels and stand out from the crowd. For leisure and sports PR, we provide you with a dedicated PR expert who uses Preston, our AI PR platform, to bring you enhanced PR results and coverage. We craft a narrative that’s aimed at building brand loyalty and increasing your sales and product visibility. Plus, we provide digital marketing support ranging from social media to content management and more.

Discover AI-enhanced Media Coverage

Using our AI platform, your account manager can identify unique coverage opportunities, audiences, publications, and media contacts that are matched to your unique product or brand. We help you get featured in both niche and larger industry, lifestyle, and news publications. 

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Fun and Vibrant Storytelling for Leisure and Sports Brands

People turn to sports and leisure products when it’s time to have fun and unwind. It’s important that your messaging resonates with consumers so that they are excited to engage with you. We combine emerging trends with influential, on-brand messaging to build buzz and awareness around your products and services. We help you find and establish relationships with new customers, investors, industry players, influencers, and journalists.

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Discover AI-powered Leisure and Sports PR

Preston is our powerful AI platform that our experts use to identify key sport and leisure trends and influencers. Based on your company profile and input, our experts can produce targeted, personalized pitches. You and your account manager can then track all of your PR campaigns and progress from Preston’s dashboard.

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