Aamina Khan

Snapchat Producer

Preston's Summary

Aamina Khan is a Snapchat Producer and journalist whose work has been featured in Teen Vogue, The New York Times, and Glamour US. Aamina specializes in covering pop culture, fashion, and entertainment, with a focus on profiling artists, analyzing trends, and exploring the intersection of music and fashion.

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Coverage Attributes:

Event Coverage: 29 %
Legal Policy Regulation: 16 %
Government Announcement: 10 %
Promotional Deal: 10 %
Press Release: 5 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • XO, Kitty
  • Gia Kim

Pitching Insights

Aamina's coverage primarily focuses on entertainment news and beauty & fashion, with a significant portion dedicated to event coverage and legal policy regulation. Based on this, she is likely to be receptive to pitches that offer exclusive insights or interviews related to ongoing events in the entertainment industry, particularly those involving high-profile celebrities.

Given her focus on beauty & fashion, Aamina may also consider pitches related to new trends in these industries or stories featuring prominent figures within them. Additionally, as she has showcased interest in legal policy regulation topics within the context of celebrity culture, she might respond well to expert commentary or analysis related to legal aspects impacting the entertainment industry.

Since there is no specified geographic focus for Aamina Khan's articles but given that most content seems centered around US pop culture references and personalities like Camila Cabello and Kendall Jenner, it would be beneficial for outreach efforts targeting US-based individuals or subjects closely associated with American pop culture.

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