Alan Sepinwall


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Alan Sepinwall is the Chief TV critic for Rolling Stone. With a focus on television, his work covers recaps, reviews, and analysis of popular TV shows. His writing explores the cultural impact and significance of television and has been featured in various publications, including Yahoo News and Vanity Fair.

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Coverage Attributes:

Review: 29 %
Industry Specific: 10 %
Event Coverage: 10 %
Expert Commentary: 10 %
Profile Feature: 10 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Television Shows
  • True Crime
  • Adaptations
  • Postapocalyptic
  • Mystery
  • Comedy

Pitching Insights

Alan Sepinwall's coverage heavily focuses on television shows, TV reviews, and the TV industry. He frequently provides in-depth reviews of specific episodes and seasons. Given this, he would likely be interested in pitches related to new or noteworthy developments within the television industry.

To effectively pitch to Alan, consider offering exclusive insights into upcoming TV shows, interviews with prominent figures or actors within the industry, or analyses on how certain productions are reshaping trends within the entertainment landscape.

Given his broad focus on entertainment news and lack of a specified geographic area of interest, pitches should prioritize relevance to global audiences rather than being tied to specific regions.

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