Amanda Hoover

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Amanda Hoover is a reporter covering cannabis at @njdotcom. With a background in journalism, she has written for various publications including WIRED Middle East, WIRED, SELF Magazine, Tech News Tube, and Vogue India. She has also been featured in Morning Brew, WIRED UK, Maverick Studios, and

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Coverage Attributes:

Cites Data: 20 %
Government Announcement: 16 %
Press Release: 12 %
Industry Specific: 9 %
Evolving Stories: 9 %

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Pitching Insights

Amanda covers a wide range of topics, including technology, e-commerce, and government & politics. She often cites data and reports on government announcements. If you are reaching out to her with a pitch, consider providing concrete data or insight into how government decisions impact the tech or e-commerce industries.

Given Amanda’s coverage of social media and technology trends like TikTok's rise as "the new television," she may be interested in pitches related to emerging platforms or shifts in consumer behavior within the digital space.

Additionally, considering her coverage of Airbnb's ban in New York leading to a holiday crunch and issues concerning Facebook Marketplace being affected by scams, she may be open to receiving information about similar industry-wide challenges impacting consumers.

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