Ben Cost

Features Reporter

Preston's Summary

Ben Cost is a features reporter for the New York Post, specializing in quirky and offbeat stories that capture readers' attention. With a focus on national news, particularly in New York City, Ben's articles cover a wide range of topics including viral videos, bizarre trends, unique individuals, and unusual events. His work has also been featured in various publications such as The Daily Telegraph,, and The Herald Sun.

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Geo Focus

United States (National)

Coverage Attributes:

Evolving Stories: 38 %
Breaking News: 18 %
Cites Data: 12 %
Seasonal: 5 %
Opinion Editorial: 4 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Air travel
  • Unusual occurrences
  • Health conditions
  • Food
  • Technology

Pitching Insights

Ben's articles cover a wide range of topics, including entertainment news, scientific discoveries, and travel destinations. His focus on evolving stories and expert commentary suggests that he may be open to pitches with unique perspectives or insights related to ongoing events or trending topics.

Given his coverage attributes, consider providing expert opinions from reputable sources when pitching evolving stories in the fields of entertainment news, science-related developments, and controversial personal experiences. Additionally, offering exclusive access to individuals who have had firsthand experiences related to his covered themes could capture Ben's attention.

As Ben has a geographic focus on New York City within the United States but also covers global trends such as travel destinations and scientific breakthroughs without specific geographic limitations mentioned for those topics.

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