Brad Hunter

Toronto Sun

Preston's Summary

Brad Hunter is a National Crime Columnist for The Toronto Sun, with previous experience working for the New York Post. Known as an "unrepentant old pirate," Brad covers a wide range of crime-related stories, including cold cases, controversial legal issues, and high-profile criminal incidents. His work has been featured in various publications across Canada and internationally.

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Coverage Attributes:

Evolving Stories: 57 %
Breaking News: 36 %
Legal Policy Regulation: 2 %
Expert Commentary: 1 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Crime
  • Murder
  • Criminal Justice
  • Legal System
  • Law Enforcement

Pitching Insights

Brad Hunter's coverage focuses primarily on evolving stories and breaking news within the realm of crime and entertainment. He seems to be interested in sensational or high-profile cases related to crime, murder, and sex crimes.

Given his focus on local (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) news, he would likely be responsive to pitches related to similar ongoing criminal cases or investigations within this geographic area. Additionally, since he covers a lot of evolving stories and breaking news, providing timely updates or exclusive insights into these types of cases could capture his attention.

It is important for potential sources reaching out to Brad Hunter to keep in mind the sensitive nature of the topics covered and ensure that any information shared is factually accurate and respectful towards those affected by these events.

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