Chris De Hoog

Geo Focus


Coverage Attributes:

Review: 38 %
Promotional Deal: 16 %
Gift Guides: 9 %
Seasonal: 9 %
Industry Specific: 6 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Gaming
  • Reviews
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Star Wars
  • Technology
  • Christmas Gift Guides

Pitching Insights

Chris De Hoog predominantly covers the gaming industry, with a focus on reviews, promotional deals, and seasonal content. When reaching out to Chris, consider providing insights into new game releases, remastered classics or exclusive offers from gaming companies. Additionally, pitches related to holiday gift guides for gamers may also be well-received.

Given his articles' focus on specific games and products within the gaming space, he would likely favor sources who have in-depth knowledge of these products or similar ones. It's important to provide unique angles or expert commentary when pitching ideas related to video games as it aligns closely with Chris’s coverage preferences.

As there is no specified geographic focus for Chris's articles based on the provided information; therefore any relevant pitches can be tailored without geographical limitations.

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