Elizabeth Beattie

Asia Business/Economics Correspondent


Preston's Summary

Elizabeth Beattie is an experienced Asia Business/Economics Correspondent for The Japan Times. With a keen focus on the economic and business landscape of Asia, Elizabeth covers a wide range of topics including market trends, technological advancements, and geopolitical developments. Her articles provide insightful analysis and in-depth reporting on the ever-evolving business dynamics in the region.

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Geo Focus

Japan (National)

Coverage Attributes:

Government Announcement: 21 %
Press Release: 13 %
Investment Analysis: 10 %
Cites Data: 10 %
Evolving Stories: 8 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Japan
  • U.S. Relations
  • Technology
  • Economy
  • Business
  • Innovation

Pitching Insights

Elizabeth Beattie's coverage is heavily focused on the finance and economy of Asian countries, with a particular emphasis on Japan, China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. She also covers topics related to technology, consumer confidence, diplomacy, investment analysis as well as government announcements.

Given her coverage attributes and themes covered it would be beneficial to reach out to her with pitches that provide insights into economic trends in Asia or developments in the finance sector within these regions. Additionally, she may also respond well to expert commentary on government policies impacting economies in Asia or emerging trends in technology and e-commerce specific to this region.

It would be prudent for sources reaching out to Elizabeth Beattie to have first-hand knowledge or access to data regarding their insights into financial markets or economy-related matters within the specified geographic focus.

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