Ellen Manning

Preston's Summary

Ellen Manning is a versatile journalist who has written for various publications including SHELBY COUNTY TODAY, LLC, Yahoo News UK, AOL UK, and Nub News. With a wide range of topics covered, Ellen's articles encompass community events, weather forecasts, political developments, environmental issues, and more. Her work has been featured in prominent news outlets such as MailOnline, The Sun, The Telegraph, and The i Paper.

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Coverage Attributes:

Evolving Stories: 26 %
Government Announcement: 19 %
Breaking News: 18 %
Event Coverage: 10 %
Legal Policy Regulation: 7 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Bar Guides & Reviews
  • Smoking Regulations
  • Community Meetings
  • Cooking with Air Fryer
  • Royal Family Updates
  • Legal Issues
  • Contaminated Blood Scandal
  • Road Safety
  • Weather Forecasts
  • General Elections
  • Solar Eclipses
  • National Nail Tech Price Increase Day
  • Illegal Raves
  • Tragic Incidents
  • Archaeology
  • Brain Health
  • Cancer Diagnosis
  • Abandoned Properties
  • Pension Compensation
  • Pub Renovations
  • Tourism in Warwick

Pitching Insights

Ellen Manning's coverage focuses on a variety of topics including weather, UK news, and government & politics. She often reports on evolving stories, breaking news, and provides expert commentary related to these themes.

For those looking to pitch Ellen Manning, consider offering expert insights or commentary on current events in the UK. Additionally, if you have valuable information related to weather patterns or their impact in the region, it may be worth reaching out to her.

Given her focus on breaking news and evolving stories within the UK context with an emphasis on government & politics as well as natural disasters such as storms and flooding; experts who can provide timely analysis or unique perspective about these subjects would likely resonate with her reporting interests.

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