Ellie Ng

Preston's Summary

Ellie Ng is a journalist based in the United Kingdom. She has written for various publications including The Irish News, theargusbusiness, Yahoo News UK, and the Evening Standard. Her articles cover a wide range of topics including news, politics, crime, and human interest stories.

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Geo Focus

Cardiff, United Kingdom (Local)

Coverage Attributes:

Evolving Stories: 25 %
Government Announcement: 22 %
Breaking News: 18 %
Legal Policy Regulation: 17 %
Event Coverage: 8 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Scandals
  • Infected Blood
  • Government Cover-Up
  • Water Crisis
  • Legal Cases
  • Royal Family

Pitching Insights

Ellie Ng's coverage primarily focuses on crime and evolving stories, with a significant portion of breaking news and expert commentary. If you have expertise related to ongoing criminal cases, particularly those in the United Kingdom, or can provide insightful analysis on evolving stories such as government announcements or national security issues within the UK, your pitch may be well-received by Ellie.

Given her focus on crime and evolving stories, she may also be interested in receiving insights from experts who can provide context around legal developments or ongoing investigations. Additionally, if you have relevant information about entertainment news within the UK, it could align with her coverage interests.

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