Fotios Tsarouhis

Senior Associate Editor

Preston's Summary

Fotios Tsarouhis is a Senior Associate Editor for Commercial Property Executive and Multi-Housing News. With a focus on the real estate industry, Fotios covers a wide range of topics including corporate relocations, property acquisitions, housing trends, and the impact of legal decisions on the market. His articles provide valuable insights and analysis for professionals in the commercial and multi-housing sectors.

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Coverage Attributes:

Press Release: 42 %
Private Sector Announcements: 35 %
Cites Data: 12 %
Investment Analysis: 2 %
Industry Specific: 2 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Real Estate
  • Urban Development
  • Housing Market
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Corporate Relocations

Pitching Insights

Fotios Tsarouhis predominantly covers the real estate industry with a focus on corporate relocations, commercial and residential properties, financing, and private sector announcements. His articles also delve into transportation & logistics.

Given Fotios’s extensive coverage of the real estate industry, he may be interested in receiving pitches regarding breaking news or exclusive insights related to corporate relocations, property acquisitions or sales, financing trends within the real estate market, and significant developments in transportation & logistics that impact the industry.

With his emphasis on private sector announcements and press releases along with citing data as part of his coverage attributes; providing access to exclusive data or expert analysis could increase your chances of capturing his interest.

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