Gareth Bowen

Preston's Summary

Gareth Bowen is a journalist for Far Out Magazine, specializing in entertainment and film. With a passion for uncovering behind-the-scenes stories and trivia, Gareth's articles provide unique insights into the world of cinema, including interviews with actors, directors, and industry insiders.

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Geo Focus


Coverage Attributes:

Profile Feature: 60 %
Event Coverage: 10 %
Cites Data: 10 %
Seasonal: 10 %
Review: 10 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Movies
  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Film Industry
  • Movie Trivia

Pitching Insights

Gareth Bowen's articles largely focus on profile features within the entertainment industry, often highlighting interesting anecdotes or lesser-known details about movies, actors, and directors. If you're connected to the film industry or have in-depth knowledge about specific films, actors, or directors that could add an intriguing angle to a profile feature, your insights may be of interest to Gareth.

Since his geographic focus is not specified but given the international appeal of cinema and celebrity profiles, pitches related to globally recognized figures or widely acclaimed films may resonate well with him.

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