H. Steven Moffic

Preston's Summary

H. Steven Moffic is a writer for Psychiatric Times, focusing on mental health topics. With a background in psychiatry, Moffic provides insightful articles on a range of subjects, including the impact of social conflicts on mental health, the importance of love and community healing, and the intersection of mental health and social justice.

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Coverage Attributes:

Expert Commentary: 46 %
Opinion Editorial: 13 %
Profile Feature: 13 %
Industry Specific: 8 %
Cites Data: 7 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Mental Health
  • Social Issues
  • Movie Reviews
  • Generational Trauma

Pitching Insights

H. Steven Moffic's coverage primarily revolves around mental health within the context of culture and society, especially in relation to social conflicts and international relations. Given this focus, potential contributors should tailor their outreach by providing expert commentary on how mental health intersects with various cultural and societal dynamics globally.

For those reaching out to H. Steven Moffic, consider offering expertise related to trauma treatment, psychiatry practices in different cultural settings, or insights into the impact of social conflicts on mental well-being from an international perspective. Additionally, pitches highlighting profiles or personal stories about these topics may resonate well based on his coverage attributes.

Moffic does not appear to have a specific geographic focus but emphasizes societal and cultural implications for global events such as wars and conflict zones when discussing mental health issues.

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