Keira Wright

Agriculture and Weather Reporter

Preston's Summary

Keira Wright is an experienced agriculture and weather reporter, with a focus on the impact of weather events on agricultural industries. With a wide range of publications, including Insurance Journal, Bloomberg News, and Yahoo Finance, Keira's articles provide insights into the challenges faced by farmers and the implications for the economy. Her work has been featured in various reputable publications, showcasing her expertise in the field.

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Evolving Stories: 13 %
Event Coverage: 6 %

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Pitching Insights

Keira's articles predominantly cover the agriculture and farming sector, with a focus on weather-related events such as floods, cyclones, and their impact on crops and livestock in Australia. Given this focus, she would likely be interested in expert commentary from meteorologists or agricultural experts who can provide insights into the potential impacts of extreme weather events on farming activities.

Another approach could involve providing data-driven analysis related to the effects of specific weather patterns on crop yields or livestock production in Australia. This may include historical comparisons or projections based on current conditions.

Since Keira's coverage is focused solely on Australia, any outreach should ensure that the pitches are tailored to reflect this geographic specificity.

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