Matthew Postins

Assistant Director, Academic Services

Preston's Summary

Matthew Postins is an Assistant Director of Academic Services and a sports journalist. He covers college basketball and football for Heartland College Sports and writes for various publications, including Yardbarker, The State Newspaper, The Telegraph, and The Olympian. He has also been featured in Sports Illustrated and has contributed to several other newspapers and media outlets.

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Coverage Attributes:

Event Coverage: 77 %
How To Guide: 7 %
Press Release: 2 %
Evolving Stories: 2 %
Profile Feature: 2 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • College Basketball
  • NCAA Tournament
  • Baseball
  • MLB
  • Opening Day
  • College Sports

Pitching Insights

Matthew Postins' focus is primarily on sports, with a strong emphasis on event coverage and private sector announcements related to basketball, MLB, Big 12 Conference, Wisconsin Badgers, New York Mets, and Texas Rangers. Given this focus, he would likely be most receptive to pitches that offer exclusive insights into recent events in these areas or provide expert commentary from individuals directly involved in the covered events.

If you have access to breaking news about player signings or team developments within the mentioned topics of interest such as baseball (MLB), basketball or specific teams like New York Mets and Texas Rangers among others listed here he might be interested in covering those stories.

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