Matthew Wills

Preston's Summary

Matthew Wills is a journalist and writer whose work has appeared in various publications including JSTOR, Big Think, Knowledia, The Conversation Australia + NZ, Scroll Media, and Daily Maverick. His articles cover a wide range of topics, including history, politics, culture, and current events, with a focus on providing informative and thought-provoking content to readers.

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Coverage Attributes:

Expert Commentary: 30 %
Legal Policy Regulation: 19 %
Industry Specific: 8 %
Evolving Stories: 8 %
Opinion Editorial: 8 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • History
  • Science
  • Politics
  • Literature
  • Culture
  • Environment

Pitching Insights

Matthew Wills' work primarily focuses on historical and scientific topics, with a significant emphasis on expert commentary. His articles cover various themes including history, international relations, colonialism, archaeology, and evolution.

Those looking to pitch to Matthew should tailor their outreach to offer credible expertise in these fields. As his coverage includes legal policy and regulation topics as well as industry-specific content related to science and culture, he may also be interested in insights from professionals within these areas that can provide valuable context or analysis for the historical or scientific subjects being discussed.

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