Megan Wellens

Preston's Summary

Megan Wellens is a journalist and writer who specializes in sports reporting, particularly in the world of darts. She has written for various publications including ReportWire and Sky UK Limited, and her work has also appeared in MKFM and Radio Exe. Megan's articles provide insights into major darts tournaments, player interviews, and analysis of the sport's top performers.

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Coverage Attributes:

Event Coverage: 41 %
Announcement: 26 %
Expert Commentary: 10 %
Investment Analysis: 8 %
Evolving Stories: 7 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Sports
  • Rugby
  • Darts
  • Six Nations
  • Premier League
  • Golf

Pitching Insights

Megan's focus on sports, particularly darts and golf, leans heavily towards event coverage and expert commentary. If you have insights into the world of darts or golf, especially related to major events like the World Darts Championship or Dubai Invitational, you may find success in reaching out to her for interviews or commentary.

Given Megan’s emphasis on event coverage and expert commentary, she would likely be most responsive to pitches offering behind-the-scenes access to athletes at these events or providing analysis of key moments from a professional perspective.

Megan doesn't appear to have a specific geographic focus but covers international sporting events such as the World Darts Championship and Dubai Invitational.

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