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Moshe Taragin is a journalist based in Israel, focusing on national issues. He writes for publications such as The Jewish Link, Jerusalem Post, and has also been featured in the Jewish Press. Moshe's articles cover a range of topics including Jewish history, the Israel-Hamas conflict, and the impact of education on society.

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Geo Focus

Israel (National)

Coverage Attributes:

Opinion Editorial: 38 %
Expert Commentary: 23 %
Industry Specific: 17 %
Evolving Stories: 11 %
Investment Analysis: 5 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Judaism
  • Jewish Identity
  • Antisemitism
  • War
  • Faith
  • Religious Observance

Pitching Insights

Moshe's coverage predominantly focuses on cultural and societal aspects with a specific emphasis on Israel and Jewish history. His articles include expert commentary, industry-specific insights, and opinion editorials related to the aforementioned themes.

Given his focus on culture and society, particularly within the context of Israel and Judaism, Moshe would likely be interested in pitches that provide expert perspectives or analysis related to historical or contemporary events relevant to these topics. Topics such as Jewish history, antisemitism, Israeli culture, as well as geopolitical events involving Israel would align with his areas of interest.

When reaching out to Moshe Taragin for potential collaboration or contribution purposes it may be beneficial to emphasize expertise in Jewish studies, Middle Eastern politics/history or cultural sociology pertaining specifically to Israel.

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