Robin Hartill

Senior Writer and Editor

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Robin Hartill is a Senior Writer and Editor for The Motley Fool. With a diverse background in finance and personal finance, Robin covers a wide range of topics including investing, budgeting, insurance, and credit. Her work has been featured in various publications such as The Penny Hoarder, Tampa Bay Times, and USA TODAY.

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Coverage Attributes:

Investment Analysis: 29 %
How To Guide: 22 %
Cites Data: 17 %
Profile Feature: 6 %
Industry Specific: 5 %

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Pitching Insights

Robin Hartill's coverage primarily focuses on personal finance, including topics such as credit scores, saving money, insurance, investing, and debt management. She often provides investment analysis and cites data in her articles.

When reaching out to Robin with pitches or expert commentary, consider providing actionable advice related to personal finance topics supported by relevant data or case studies. Specifically, she may be interested in receiving pitches related to investment strategies that are becoming mainstream trends and helping people save on taxes. Additionally, offering insights into emerging financial trends or tips for improving financial well-being would likely capture her attention.

Since Robin does not have a specified geographic focus but covers national parks within the US occasionally; any references made should cater to a broad audience rather than specific locations unless they directly relate to nationwide financial matters.

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