Sarah Neilson

Preston's Summary

Sarah Neilson is a freelance journalist who writes for various publications, including The Seattle Times, Shondaland, Yahoo Sports UK, Cigalah Group, and THEM. Her articles cover a range of topics, including book reviews, author interviews, and cultural commentary. Sarah has a passion for highlighting diverse voices and exploring the intersection of identity, art, and society.

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Coverage Attributes:

Review: 20 %
Expert Commentary: 20 %
Event Coverage: 15 %
Industry Specific: 10 %
Profile Feature: 10 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Literature
  • Puerto Rico
  • Memory
  • Loss
  • Motherhood

Pitching Insights

Sarah Neilson's articles predominantly cover literature, with a focus on book reviews and expert commentary. Her coverage also delves into entertainment news, culture & society, family & relationships, as well as topics such as literature by Indigenous authors and LGBTQ+ books.

To effectively reach out to Sarah Neilson, consider providing expertise related to literary analysis or insights into cultural and societal implications of the works being reviewed. Additionally, offering perspectives on diversity and representation in literature could be of interest given her coverage of Indigenous authors' work and LGBTQ+ books.

Given the variety of themes covered in her articles, pitches should reflect an understanding of nuanced storytelling techniques that explore memory, loss, motherhood or Puerto Rican identity within the context of literature.

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