Tim Stevens

High school sports editor

Preston's Summary

Tim Stevens is a freelance journalist known for his expertise in technology and automobiles. With a wide range of publications under his belt, including The Verge, TechCrunch, and WIRED, Tim's articles cover everything from the latest tech innovations to automotive industry developments. His in-depth knowledge and passion for his subjects make him a trusted source in the field.

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Coverage Attributes:

Review: 26 %
Industry Specific: 15 %
Press Release: 14 %
Investment Analysis: 6 %
Private Sector Announcements: 5 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

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Pitching Insights

Tim Stevens' coverage is centered on automotive technology and entertainment news, with a focus on reviews and industry-specific insights. His articles delve into various topics such as electric vehicles, car reviews, streaming services, television shows, crime/mystery themes, space exploration, and specific automotive brands like Volvo and Toyota.

For those looking to reach out to Tim Stevens in the context of providing expertise or pitches related to his areas of coverage should consider offering unique perspectives on automotive technology advancements including electric vehicles or innovative car designs. Additionally, if you have insights into upcoming television shows or cutting-edge entertainment technologies that align with his theme of "Entertainment News", it may pique his interest.

Given the absence of a specified geographic focus in Tim's work samples; experts from any location who can provide valuable industry-specific information within these themes could be well-suited for outreach.

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