Zusha Elinson

Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Preston's Summary

Zusha Elinson is a national reporter for The Wall Street Journal, specializing in gun policy and the intersection of guns and society. His work has appeared in various publications, including The Tea Lady, Yahoo Finance, LiveMint, and MarketWatch. Zusha's articles often delve into the aftermath of mass shootings, gun legislation, and the impact of firearms on communities.

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Coverage Attributes:

Evolving Stories: 23 %
Government Announcement: 19 %
Breaking News: 19 %
Legal Policy Regulation: 14 %
Cites Data: 12 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Gun control
  • Crime
  • Mass shootings
  • Marijuana legalization
  • Police misconduct

Pitching Insights

Zusha Elinson's coverage primarily focuses on national issues within the United States, particularly in the realms of gun control, crime, and government policy. His articles often explore evolving stories and government announcements related to these topics.

If you are an expert or have valuable insights into gun control policies, crime statistics, police misconduct, marijuana legalization effects, or related legal and regulatory matters in the United States context—your input could be highly relevant for Zusha's coverage. Additionally, breaking news or data-backed analysis in these areas may also capture his interest.

Given Zusha’s focus on national issues within the US context around politics and crime-related topics such as mass shootings and marijuana legalization effects—if your expertise aligns with these themes—you may have a higher chance of engaging him effectively.

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