Hannah Skinner

Preston's Summary

Hannah Skinner is a freelance journalist who writes for various publications, including Yahoo News UK, Mashed, and Yahoo Sports UK. With a focus on food and culinary topics, Hannah provides expert tips, recipes, and insights into different cuisines. Her work has also been featured in Yahoo Sports Canada and Yahoo News.

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Coverage Attributes:

Review: 30 %
Promotional Deal: 20 %
Seasonal: 14 %
How To Guide: 11 %
Gift Guides: 5 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Food
  • Cooking Tips
  • Fast Food
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Food Trends
  • Food Products

Pitching Insights

Hannah Skinner's coverage primarily revolves around food, cooking, and recipes. Her articles often include expert tips and reviews of various culinary topics. If you are looking to reach out to her, consider providing unique or unexpected insights into food preparation techniques, unusual ingredient pairings or trends in the culinary world.

For a successful pitch to Hannah Skinner, focus on offering expert advice related to elevating flavors in cooking, exploring new culinary trends such as fusion cuisine or innovative ingredients usage. Offering exclusive information about hidden gems in the restaurant industry could also catch her attention.

Although not specified with a geographic focus, considering that she covers restaurants and fast food topics extensively suggests that she may be interested in international cuisines and global food trends.

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