John Hackworth

Managing Editor


Preston's Summary

John Hackworth is a Managing Editor for Sun News Media, focusing on local news in Port Charlotte, Florida. With a passion for storytelling, John covers a range of topics including community events, human interest stories, and social issues. He strives to bring a unique perspective to his articles, engaging readers and sparking conversations within the community.

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Geo Focus

Port Charlotte, Florida, United States (Local)

Coverage Attributes:

Opinion Editorial: 41 %
Expert Commentary: 21 %
Event Coverage: 8 %
Announcement: 7 %
Seasonal: 5 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Veterans
  • Community Events
  • Local Businesses
  • Personal Stories
  • Sports Events

Pitching Insights

John Hackworth's work primarily consists of opinion editorials, where he shares personal reflections and commentary on various topics. His coverage spans a wide range of themes including personal finance, sports, culture & society, family & relationships, and entertainment news.

To effectively reach out to John for potential collaboration or contribution to his articles, consider offering unique perspectives related to the themes he covers. This could include first-hand experiences in community events or insightful opinions on cultural phenomena such as Christmas traditions or local baseball tournaments that align with his focus. Sharing heartwarming stories related to family and relationships may also resonate well with his readership.

Given the local geographic focus on Florida and Port Charlotte, pitches should emphasize relevance to these specific areas while maintaining an engaging narrative that fits within John’s editorial style.

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