Tom Kool

Head of Operations


Preston's Summary

Tom Kool is the Head of Operations at, where he covers the latest developments in the oil and gas industry. With a focus on market trends, geopolitical factors, and industry analysis, Tom provides insights into the factors driving oil prices and their impact on global markets.

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Geo Focus


Coverage Attributes:

Cites Data: 47 %
Government Announcement: 14 %
Investment Analysis: 13 %
Press Release: 8 %
Industry Specific: 4 %

Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • Oil Prices
  • Energy Markets
  • Geopolitics
  • OPEC
  • Global Oil Production
  • Oil Market Trends

Pitching Insights

Tom Kool's coverage heavily focuses on energy and finance, particularly the oil market. His articles often cite data and include investment analysis, indicating a preference for fact-based insights into market trends and developments.

Given his focus on the oil industry with mention of OPEC, Middle East, Russia, and China, he may be interested in receiving pitches related to geopolitical events impacting global oil markets or new technological advancements in the energy sector.

Experts who can provide valuable insights into economic factors affecting energy markets or analyze statistical data relevant to these industries could find success pitching to Tom Kool. Additionally, professionals involved in government policy-making or those closely monitoring regulatory changes within the energy sector might also capture his interest.

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