AI-Powered PR Tailored for SaaS Brands

Smart PR For SaaS Brands

As a SaaS brand, you’ll no doubt have a number of specific needs when it comes to your PR objectives. Top of the list for most SaaS companies is attracting and retaining users, followed by upselling existing users. This is where we can help.

We’ve built an AI-powered PR platform that lets SaaS brands connect directly with the media. We use predictive analytics to identify which reporters are the most likely to engage with your brand and big data to analyze which trending stories are the most relevant to your talking points. Our AI pitch writing assistant then generates attention grabbing media pitches at the click of a button, ready to send to target journalists using our simple email integration.   

This helps SaaS brands to win media coverage in the outlets that matter most to them and to build narratives that help to attract and retain users. All while cutting out the middleman of a traditional PR agency.


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