5 ways to immediately save up to 50% on your PR spend

Intelligent Relations
By Intelligent Relations Team

As a consequence, businesses are now looking for ways to cut costs and get a better return on investment in many aspects of their business.

They are focusing on Public Relations as one of the areas. As an industry known for being opaque and nontransparent, filled with lame metrics and unpredictable results, the PR industry is notorious for being full of fat and not cost-effective.

So, how can a company looking to cut their PR costs save dramatically? It’s possible to save up to 50% on PR spend, provided your PR company is doing the following:

  • Skipping the old-school methods and becoming more direct. Historically the industry has been plagued by 2 pm cocktail lunches and old-school networking models.
  • Doesn’t have fixed costs because they were born during the pandemic and have a DNA culture that promotes remote work and a globally decentralized team,
  • Utilize the benefits of AI technology that can sort and find the results needed in seconds rather than in days, as traditionally done by humans,
  • Is transparent with your data, shares it with you immediately, and can make data-driven decisions about your messaging,
  • Disrupts the industry by creating a uniquely innovative AI-powered platform

That’s how we at Intelligent Relations save our clients up to 50% (or more) on their PR overheads.

We can help you to engineer a smart pivot in uncertain times (for less than you’re spending now), let’s connect for a 30-min call.