How Our Startup Clients are Preparing for the Worst… (3 Tips)

Intelligent Relations
By Intelligent Relations Team

We are entering an uncertain business environment, and many of our clients at Intelligent Relations are asking how to cut marketing spend and drive better results.

Working with dozens of startups, we’ve gained a unique perspective on what’s working. So we’re sharing 3 quick tips that our clients are implementing to thrive.

1. Cut Paid Ad Spend and Invest in “Earned Media”

Some clients have cut social media spend by 40% and most have limited paid search to only essential spend. Remarketing stays in the budget. Performance marketing is getting a serious haircut.

Instead, “earned media” (press coverage, PR, thought leadership) has become the focus.

The logic is that “ad spend” is a flash in the pan, but earned media lives on the internet forever.

**2. Invest in Links and Content – Build Quality Traffic Over the Next 6-12 Months **

Most companies know that SEO is a long-term investment that can take 6+ months to move the needle. When times are good, this takes a back seat to quick wins from performance marketing and paid clicks. But in uncertain times, building long-term organic traffic is a safe bet.

**3. Ditch Promotional PR, Focus on Thought Leadership in Target Verticals **

Press releases pummeling the same promotional messaging sound tone-deaf when the market has shifted. So most of our clients are changing their pitch.

Now is the time for “thought leadership” – and your clients are craving useful perspectives that you can offer. Vendor-neutral, actionable insight pieces in niche industry pubs is a dependable way to win sway (and clients) in your market. Plus, our world-class editorial team can support on ghostwriting.

What’s the Right Move for You?

Can a smart marketing / PR pivot drive more results for less money for your company?

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