Top 15 Music Podcasts for Your Listening and PR Pleasure

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By Intelligent Relations Team

Music podcasts are more than sources of entertainment — they’re backstage passes to the stories behind the lyrics and infamous industry legends. 

They feature new music and dust off the classics while analyzing artists’ inspirations for creating some of the most iconic generational hits. 

Sure, you’ll find yourself tapping your toes as you listen. Heck, you may even cut a rug or two, but you’ll also glean some serious music knowledge along the way. 

And while appearing on a podcast does wonders for PR, most music podcasts feature famous artists, producers, or no guests at all. 

Getting on one might be tricky. But don’t despair. 

Though the guest spot door may be closed for most, the window is open to connect and collaborate with many of these hosts.

Whether you’re hitting the street or sitting back in your seat, pop in your AirPods or slide on your Dre Beats. Embibe this podcast heat, and stop being a clown. You’re now privy to composition breakdowns, insightful interviews, and the best tunes around.

Here’s what we have for you:

  • The Importance of Music Podcasts
  • In-Depth Music Podcasts
  • Educational Music Podcasts
  • Music History Podcasts 
  • True Crime Music Podcasts
  • NPR Music Podcasts

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The Importance of Music Podcasts

In an era of algorithm-driven playlists and fleeting social media feeds, music podcasts offer the 3 C’s — a refreshing dose of: 

  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Connection 

They remind us of the enduring power of storytelling and the universal language of music. Three central factors that make these podcasts matter include: 

  1. Democratization: They offer a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their work, share their stories, and connect with fans in a more intimate setting than traditional media allows. This democratization of the music industry enables a wider range of voices to be heard and helps break down barriers to entry.
  1. Education: They are tremendous sources of knowledge for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Music podcasts provide in-depth discussions on musical techniques, histories, and trends, offering valuable insights into the art and business of music. 
  1. Connectivity: They create a sense of community among listeners who share a passion for music. Whether you’re into indie rock, hip hop, classical symphonies, or all of the above, there’s a podcast out there for you. Spaces are created where like-minded individuals come together to discover new artists, discuss their favorite albums, and geek out over obscure trivia.

Pro Tip: To be truly immersed in all things music, don’t limit yourself to music podcasts. There are troves of journalists dedicated to covering all aspects of the auditory arts as well.

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In-Depth Music Podcasts

In-depth music podcasts offer an immersive journey into the artistry, history, and culture behind the melodies we love. Through meticulous research, expert interviews, and insightful analysis, these podcasts: 

  • Delve into the Creative Processes of Legendary Artists
  • Uncover the Stories Behind Iconic Albums
  • Explore the Evolution of Genres

From dissecting the composition of classic songs to exploring the socio-political contexts that shape musical movements, these music podcasts provide a rich tapestry of knowledge and appreciation for oldheads and fresh ears alike.

Sound Opinions

best music podcasts sound opinions

Sound Opinions is a penetrating music podcast hosted by seasoned music critics Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis. Their insatiable passion for all things sonic seamlessly syncs candid opinions with expert commentary and engaging discussions.

Each episode delivers entertainment and enlightenment through: 

  • Music Industry News
  • In-depth Album Reviews
  • Compelling Artist Interviews
  • Thought-provoking Trend Debates

Whether dissecting the latest releases or revisiting timeless classics, Sound Opinions is an excellent podcast for music enthusiasts seeking to broaden their musical horizons.

Hosts: Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot

Pitch Sound Opinions

Episode Length: Wed: 5-10 Minutes, Fri: 50 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Wednesday and Fridays 

Apple Rating: 4.3

Spotify Rating: 4.7

Broken Record

best music podcasts broken record

Broken Record is a captivating music podcast hosted by legendary producer Rick Rubin, author Malcolm Gladwell, producer Justin Richmond, and former New York Times editor Bruce Headlam. Through intimate interviews with renowned artists, industry insiders, and cultural icons, Broken Record offers listeners a unique glimpse into the creative process and personal stories behind the music. 

From candid discussions about songwriting and recording techniques to revealing anecdotes from the lives of musical luminaries, each episode is a compelling exploration of the intersection between artistry and humanity. 

With its mix of storytelling, analysis, and raw emotion, Broken Record delivers a rich and enveloping experience for music lovers and curious minds alike.

Hosts: Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond

Pitch Broken Record

Episode Length: 45-60 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Tuesdays

Apple Rating: 4.5

Spotify Rating: 4.9


best music podcasts dissect podcast

Dissect is a riveting music podcast hosted by Cole Cuchna, senior podcast producer at Spotify. This show is dedicated to carefully probing and peeling back the narratives embedded within iconic albums. 

With a balance of scholarly analysis and passionate storytelling, Dissect goes deep into what shapes the work of artists across genres, including: 

  • Lyrical Themes
  • Cultural Contexts  
  • Composition Choices

From Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly to Frank Ocean’s Blonde, each season of Dissect meticulously examines a single album, providing listeners with a profound understanding of its artistic significance and cultural impact. 

With its painstaking attention to detail and profound insights, Dissect cuts deep into the heart of musical masterpieces.

Host: Cole Cuchna

Pitch Dissect

Episode Length: 40-60 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Weekly (Days Vary)

Apple Rating: 4.9

Spotify Rating: 4.9

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Educational Music Podcasts

Whether you’re looking to enhance your musical knowledge, discover new artists, or simply enjoy a fascinating exploration of the art form, educational music podcasts provide an enriching and accessible platform for learning and discovery. 

They offer a diverse range of content, including: 

  • Music theory
  • Exploration of Genres 
  • Analysis of Artists and Albums
  • Interviews with Industry Professionals 

Through engaging storytelling, expert insights, and interactive discussions, educational music podcasts empower listeners to deepen their understanding and appreciation of music.

Questlove Supreme

best music podcasts questlove supreme

Questlove Supreme is a vibrant and illuminating music podcast hosted by acclaimed musician and producer Questlove, alongside a rotating panel of guests ranging from fellow artists to cultural icons. 

With its blend of insightful interviews, eclectic music selections, and candid discussions, Questlove Supreme takes listeners on a riveting ride through the worlds of:

  • Music
  • Culture
  • Creativity

From exploring the influences and inspirations behind iconic albums to delving into the personal stories and experiences of celebrated musicians, each episode is a dynamic exploration of the universal language of music. 

With Questlove’s infectious passion and deep musical knowledge at its helm, Questlove Supreme delivers an engaging and enlightening listening experience.

Host: Questlove (Ahmir Thompson)

Pitch Questlove Supreme

Episode Length: 1-2 Hours

Episode Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays

Apple Rating: 4.6

Spotify Rating: 4.9

Song Exploder

best music podcasts song exploder

Song Exploder is a captivating music podcast hosted by producer and musician Hrishikesh Hirway. It’s dedicated to deconstructing the creative process behind some of the most beloved songs of our time. 

In each episode, artists from various genres dissect their tracks layer by layer, revealing the stories, inspirations, and techniques that shaped their creations. 

From Grammy-winning musicians to emerging talents, Song Exploder provides an intimate glimpse into the inner workings of the music industry. 

With its insightful interviews, raw audio stems, and immersive storytelling, the podcast offers listeners a deeper appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship behind the songs that soundtrack our lives.

Host: Hrishikesh Hirway

Pitch Song Exploder

Episode Length: 20 Minutes 

Episode Schedule: Every Other Wednesday 

Apple Rating: 4.8

Spotify Rating: 4.9


best music podcasts bandsplain

Bandsplain is an engaging music podcast hosted by the witty and insightful Yasi Salek, where she explores the world of music with humor, passion, and a feminist lens. 

In each episode, Yasi and her guests explore the stories, influences, and impact of diverse artists and bands, highlighting the intersectionality of music and culture. 

Salek seamlessly blends in-depth analysis with personal anecdotes and thought-provoking commentary, covering a variety of topics like:  

  • Cult-like Followings
  • Educational Rap 
  • Grunge Gods
  • The Glory Days of MTV

Listeners receive a fresh perspective on the music industry and its evolving landscape. 

Whether discussing classic albums or emerging trends, this music podcast is a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking both entertainment and enlightenment with the most influential figures in the industry.

Host: Yasi Salek

Pitch Bandsplain 

Episode Length: 1-2 Hours 

Episode Schedule: Tuesdays

Apple Rating: 4.4

Spotify Rating: 4.7

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Music History Podcasts

Music podcasts with a historical focus explore the evolution of music, from its earliest origins to the present day. They provide a deeper understanding of the cultural, social, and technological forces that have shaped musical genres, movements, and icons throughout history. 

Through in-depth research, expert interviews, and engaging storytelling, they uncover fascinating stories behind:

  • Influential Musicians
  • Pivotal Music Moments
  • Significant Musical Innovations

Whether exploring the birth of genres or the impact of tech on music production, music history podcasts weave a rich tapestry of relevance and appreciation in the diverse and dynamic music universe.

Ongoing History of New Music

best music podcasts ongoing history of new music

As a radio documentary series, Ongoing History of New Music has been around since 1993 and is Canada’s most well-known music show. 

It’s hosted by veteran broadcaster Alan Cross and is dedicated to chronicling everything from alternative rock to hip hop. 

With meticulous research and a deep passion for the subject, Cross explores the history, trends, and cultural impact of groundbreaking artists and movements. From the origins of punk rock to the emergence of indie darlings, each episode gifts listeners with comprehensive coverage of the forces shaping contemporary music. 

Through engaging storytelling, insightful commentary, and eclectic playlist selections, Ongoing History of New Music offers:

  • Thematic Explorations of Iconic Albums
  • Influential Artist Profiles
  • Intriguing Industry Stories

Host: Alan Cross

Pitch Ongoing History

Episode Length: 30-50 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Wednesdays 

Apple Rating: 4.9

Spotify Rating: 4.9

Cocaine & Rhinestones

best music podcasts cocaine and rhinestones

Cocaine & Rhinestones is a music podcast hosted by Tyler Mahan Coe — a name that carries a lot of weight in country music. This show dives into the untold stories and forgotten legends of country music. 

Through careful research, passion, and authenticity, Coe unravels the complex narratives behind: 

  • Iconic Songs
  • Scandalous Moments
  • Influential Figures 

From the honky-tonk dive bars of the Deep South to the glitzy stage of the Grand Ole Opry, each episode uncovers the raw emotion and gritty reality of country music’s past. 

With candid storytelling, rich archival recordings, and insightful analysis, Cocaine & Rhinestones invites listeners on a riveting journey through the heart and soul of country music’s storied past.

Host: Tyler Mahan Coe

Pitch Cocaine & Rhinestones 

Episode Length: 2 hours

Episode Schedule: 2-3 per month

Apple Rating: 4.9

Spotify Rating: 4.9

Pro Tip: There are no guests on this podcast, but the host is open to conversations and collaborations with various industry professionals.

Hit Parade

best music podcasts hit parade

Slate’s Hit Parade is an exhilarating music podcast hosted by journalist and pop critic Chris Molanphy, exploring the stories and trends behind chart-topping hits throughout history. 

With infectious enthusiasm and diligent investigation, Molanphy dissects the cultural, social, and musical forces that propel songs to the top of the charts. 

From analyzing the anatomy of one-hit wonders to tracing the evolution of musical genres, each episode takes listeners on a captivating journey through popular music. With its engaging storytelling, insightful analysis, and comprehensive song choices, Hit Parade is a compelling study of the songs that have shaped our collective cultural consciousness.

Host: Chris Molanphy

Pitch Hit Parade

Episode Length: 40-60 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Every other Friday

Apple Rating: 4.8

Spotify Rating: 4.9

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True Crime Music Podcasts

True crime is unquestionably one of the most popular podcast genres. 

Add a musical element to the mix, and it’s a win-win. True crime music podcasts provide a unique intersection of suspenseful storytelling and captivating melodies, delving into the darker side of the music industry. 

These shows explore real-life mysteries, scandals, and crimes involving the biggest names in the business. Through engrossing narration and haunting soundscapes, they uncover the shocking truths surrounding:

  • Unsolved Murders
  • Mysterious Disappearances
  • Notorious Scandals

Whether investigating the tragic fate of beloved artists or unraveling the web of deceit and betrayal within the industry, true crime music podcasts are a gripping blend of true crime and musical intrigue.


best music podcasts disgraceland

Disgraceland is a fun true crime music podcast hosted by Jake Brennan that unravels the scandalous and often shocking tales of crime and debauchery involving musicians and music industry icons. 

With a balance of enthralling storytelling and atmospheric sound design, Disgraceland peels back the glamorous facade of fame to reveal the dark underbelly of the music world. 

From tales of murder and mayhem to stories of addiction and corruption, each episode uncovers sinister secrets lurking behind some of the most celebrated names in music history. 

Immersive narratives and chilling revelations make Disgraceland a thrilling must-listen that sheds light on the dark side of rock and roll.

Host: Jake Brennan

Pitch Disgraceland

Episode Length: 30-40 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

Apple Rating: 4.6

Spotify Rating: 4.6

Death by Music

best music podcasts death by music

Death by Music is a riveting true crime music podcast hosted by morbid music lovers Alex, Cassie, and Jake. The trio plunges listeners into the dark and mysterious world of music-related murders, suicides, and accidental deaths. 

Each episode probes the haunting tales behind the untimely deaths of musicians and industry figures. From tragic accidents to sinister conspiracies, this show explores the intersections of fame, fortune, and fatal consequences within the music industry. 

Macabre curiosity and a fascination with ill-fated figures in the music industry make Death by Music a chilling and captivating listening experience for music and true crime enthusiasts alike.

Hosts: Alex, Cassie, and Jake

Pitch Death by Music

Episode Length: Mon: 25 Minutes, Wed: 1 Hour 

Episode Schedule: Mondays + First Wednesday

Apple Rating: 4.4

Spotify Rating: 4.2

Music & Murder

best music podcasts murder and music

Music & Murder is an R-rated gory regalement of various crimes involving musicians. This true crime music podcast is hosted by foul-mouthed criminology graduate student, musician, and self-described d*ck Michael D. Keeney

Keeney delves into the chilling cases where music and homicide intersect, balancing compelling storytelling with vulgarity and graphic crime scene descriptions. 

Each episode uncovers the harrowing stories of gruesome crimes, tragedies, and the victims whose lives were cut short by violence. 

This adults-only show paints vivid pictures of crime scenes through:

  • Gripping Narratives
  • Haunting Soundscapes
  • Detailed Analysis

If you’re looking for an unfiltered, shocking mix of serial slayings and savage tunes, this show is for you. 

Host: Michael D. Keeney

Pitch Music & Murder

Episode Length: 1.5 Hours

Episode Schedule: Monthly (Days Vary)

Apple Rating: 4.8

Spotify Rating: 4.9

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NPR Music Podcasts

National Public Radio (NPR) produces some of the most comprehensive and eclectic music podcasts around. NPR music podcasts offer a diverse array of content, blending insightful commentary with in-depth Interviews, and captivating performances from a wide range of musical genres.

With a commitment to quality journalism and storytelling, NPR’s music podcasts dive into:

  • Cultural Significance
  • Artistic Innovations
  • Social Impacts 

Whether showcasing emerging artists, dissecting classic albums, or examining the intersection of music and society, NPR’s music podcasts provide listeners with a rich audio experience that celebrates the power and diversity of music in our daily lives.

All Songs Considered

best music podcasts all songs considered

For nearly a quarter of a century, All Songs Considered has been NPR’s lead show for music discovery and recognition. 

Host Robin Hilton and members of the NPR family offer a curated selection of the best in new music from a variety of genres. 

With its extensive mix of tracks, insightful commentary, and engaging interviews with both emerging and established artists, All Songs Considered is a go-to guide for discovering new music and staying informed about the latest trends in the music industry. 

From indie rock to electronic, folk to hip-hop, each episode invites listeners on a musical journey that celebrates the diversity and creativity of the contemporary music landscape.

Host: Robin Hilton 

Pitch All Songs Considered 

Episode Length: 40-60 Minutes

Episode Schedule: 2-3 Per Week

Apple Rating: 4.3

Spotify Rating: 4.7

World Cafe Words and Music

best music podcasts world cafe

World Cafe Words and Music is an enriching music podcast hosted by Raina Douris and Stephen Kallao who take a look at the creative processes and personal stories of musicians from around the globe. 

With in-depth interviews, live performances, and thought-provoking conversations, World Cafe and Music provides a platform for artists to share their insights and inspirations with a global audience. 

From indie darlings to chart-topping superstars, each episode offers an engaging exploration of the diverse and vibrant world of music. Through interesting storytelling and eclectic musical selections, World Cafe celebrates the universal language of music in all its forms.

Host: Raina Douris and Stephen Kallao

Pitch World Cafe

Episode Length: 10-30 Minutes

Episode Schedule: 3-4 Per Week

Apple Rating: 4.2

Spotify Rating: 4.7

The Cobain 50

best music podcasts the cobain 50

The Cobain 50 is a music podcast commemorating the life and legacy of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. 

With a roundtable of hosts including Dusty Henry, Martin Douglas, Albina Cabrera, Janice Headley, and Roddy Nikpour, the podcast examines some of Cobain’s favorite artists and their impact on music 

Notable episodes explore iconic acts like: 

  • Mazzy Star 
  • Sonic Youth
  • The Stooges
  • Pixies
  • Bad Brains and More 

With its blend of nostalgia, reverence, and critical examination, The Cobain 50 is a fitting tribute to one of rock music’s most iconic figures and the legendary artists who inspired him.

Hosts: Dusty Henry, Martin Douglas, Albina Cabrera, Janice Headley, and Roddy Nikpour

Pitch The Cobain 50

Episode Length: 30-45 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Wednesdays 

Apple Rating: 4.5

Spotify Rating: 5.0


Music podcasts are excellent resources for entertainment and education. Whether you’re a diehard music junkie, industry professional, or casual listener, these podcasts offer interesting content with insights into the history, culture, and evolution of music across genres and eras. 

From in-depth analyses of classic albums to riveting true crime narratives within the music world, there’s a podcast to suit every musical taste and curiosity. And let’s not forget the PR benefits that come from appearing as a guest on music podcasts. 

For musicians, industry insiders, and even budding artists, such appearances offer a valuable opportunity for exposure and connection with a wider audience. Serving as both a platform for sharing personal stories and a means of promoting new projects or initiatives, guesting on a music podcast provides significant promotional perks. 

As podcasting continues to evolve and diversify, the potential for collaboration, discovery, and engagement remains boundless. Whether you’re a listener seeking to expand your musical horizons or a musician looking to amplify your voice, the world of music podcasts is full of opportunities for exploration, learning, and connection.

Ready to appear on music podcasts as a guest? Not sure how to get started? Let us help. Book a free consultation with one of our PR experts and we will help you start guesting.