The Best Distribution Services for Your Music Press Release

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By Intelligent Relations Team

If you’re a successful music artist, you know promoting your work to the right audience can make all the difference. Whether you’ve just launched a new album or you’re a group that wants to announce a tour, the best way to make an announcement is by distributing a press release.

In the music industry, press releases are seen as an excellent way to truly connect with your fanbase and access some niche demographics, and a music press release distribution service can help you achieve all that. In this guide, we’ll cover important topics like: 

  • What music press release distribution services are
  • When you should issue a music press release
  • Which is the best press release distribution service for the music industry 
  • Other methods for distributing your music press release

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What is a music press release distribution service?

A music press release distribution service is a platform that shares industry news with targeted journalists and media outlets. Though record labels often share press releases on company websites, independent artists don’t get access to as much publicity. 

That’s where a music press release distribution service comes in—it can help enhance media presence. These platforms often have syndication agreements with international publications, meaning you can get guaranteed exposure for your latest update. 

For a fee, artists provide press releases to a distribution service, with the common goal of raising awareness and gaining press coverage. For example, you might issue a press release announcing an upcoming concert to help increase ticket sales. 

When should you issue a music press release? 

It’s important that any press release you share provides value and is of interest to readers. 

Never issue a press release for the sake of it. Sharing updates that aren’t considered “newsworthy” could actually have a negative impact on your brand. That’s why it’s important to know your fanbase and recognize what news might be important to them.

Examples of newsworthy press releases for the music industry you might consider include: 

  • Tour date announcements
  • New album releases
  • Label signings
  • Music video debuts
  • Recording or performance of guest appearances

Which is the best distribution service for the music industry?

There are many press release distribution services in the U.S. and around the world. Most of these services tend to cover multiple industries and can help you gain access to a wide range of publications. Others are more specific, focused only on the music industry, for example. 

We’ve outlined some of the best distribution service options for a music press release below.

1. PR Newswire

Cision’s PR Newswire is a widely popular press release distribution platform that also covers entertainment news. Its entertainment section offers broad coverage of artists, as well as producers, directors, and distributors within creative industries. 

Although PR Newswire doesn’t specifically target the music industry, its global reach means that press releases can be shared in a number of countries around the world. This can help maximize publicity for your latest announcement. 

What’s more, the platform is well-regarded among reporters as a trusted source of information. Their pricing for a 400-word press release is:  

  • Local – $350
  • Regional – $575
  • National – $805
  • Global – $1,200 (U.S. and Canada), $3,500 (Europe or Asia), $8,700 (Global) 

2. GlobeNewswire 

GlobeNewswire is a good solution for musical acts looking to distribute press releases because the platform allows images and videos to be shared within posts themselves. In order to tease a new single or music video, for example, this would be a useful option.

One of GlobeNewswire’s media partners is All Access Music Group, so your announcement could be featured in this industry-specific publication. GlobeNewswire also has connections in 130 countries, so your press release could reach readers worldwide. 

The price range for GlobeNewswire’s services is: 

  • Self-service (DIY) option – $150
  • Full-service option – $560 to U.S. national circuit

3. Entertainment Wire 

Operated by Business Wire, the platform’s entertainment arm targets entertainment reporters and syndicates as well as local media and radio stations within the region you’re based. 

Since their services are specific to the U.S., musicians can be assured that their press releases are viewed by a very focused audience. Entertainment Wire’s pricing is: 

  • Local – $475
  • Regional – $510
  • National – $940

4. EIN Presswire

Everyone’s Internet News (EIN) Presswire shares press releases for numerous sectors, including the music industry. Within their music newswire, artists can share announcements for numerous musical genres, from rock to country. 

What’s most appealing about EIN Presswire is that it caters to smaller clients, meaning it might be helpful for musicians just starting out in their careers. Their very affordable pricing is: 

  • Basic – $99.95
  • Pro+ – $399
  • Corporate – $999 

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What are other ways a music press release can be sent out?

If you’re an independent musician trying to get more media attention, using a distribution service is a good way to share news quickly. 

Having said that, the cost might outweigh the value of the service. Many platforms have syndication agreements with certain news outlets, meaning you don’t have much say about where your news is shared. 

To put it frankly, there’s no guarantee that Rolling Stone or Pitchfork will pick up a press release that’s been shared via a press release distribution service. 

An alternative is to pitch your press release to your own media contacts, individually. This personal approach can often achieve better results because you establish a relationship with the publication. It also means you have more control over where the news gets sent. 

Wrapping up on music press release distribution

If you still need help, however, Intelligent Relations has developed a way to help you reach those media contacts while saving time as well. Through our platform, you can write and submit press releases for distribution to the leading reporters in the industry. 

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