15 Best Tech Podcasts for PR and Trend Following in 2024

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By Intelligent Relations Team

As technology continues to advance at the speed of light, trying to keep pace with the rate of innovation is enough to leave you with a sprained brain. 

Luckily, tech podcasts exist. 

These enlightening audio programs bear the burden of tech information dissemination. They break down the latest breakthroughs and walk you through breaking news in a convenient and digestible way. 

But the significance of tech podcasts isn’t just about sharing information. Making a guest appearance presents valuable PR and marketing opportunities. 

By sharing insights, experiences, and expertise, you establish yourself as a tech thought leader. As a guest, you gain exposure to a wide audience of potential clients, collaborators, and investors.

So, whether you’re an avid listener or aspiring thought leader, we’ve compiled a categorized list of the best tech podcasts.

Here’s what we cover:  

  • Best Overall Tech Podcasts 
  • Best In-Depth Tech Podcasts
  • Best Tech News Podcasts 
  • Best Business Tech Podcasts 
  • Best Short-Form Tech Podcasts 

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3 Best Overall Tech Podcasts

Tech podcasts are a necessary listen for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest tech developments. 

Covering a wide range of topics from AI and cybersecurity to software development and entrepreneurship, these podcasts cater to both seasoned professionals and curious beginners. 

Whether you’re seeking to expand your knowledge on emerging trends, gain inspiration for your next project, or share some niche knowledge as a guest, these top tech podcasts provide comprehensive coverage to slake your tech thirst.

The Vergecast 

best tech podcast the vergecast

The Vergecast, produced by tech news website The Verge, offers a twice-weekly analysis of the latest happenings in the world of tech and beyond. 

Hosts Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz deliver a tech news breakdown every Friday, while Pierce heads up a gadget and software roundtable every Tuesday.

With a mix of analysis, interviews, and witty banter, The Vergecast keeps listeners informed and entertained. So, whether you’re an experienced tech buff or just a little tech-curious, this podcast provides a gratifying glimpse into the world of technology. 

It’s a must-listen for anyone with an interest in the digital frontier!

Hosts: Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz

Pitch The Vergecast

Episode Length: 90 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays 

Apple Rating: 4.4

Spotify Rating: 4.7


best tech podcast techstuff

TechStuff, from iHeartRadio, explores the fascinating intersection of technology and society. 

Diving into the history, science, and implications of various tech topics, host Jonathan Strickland offers a comprehensive yet accessible look at: 

  • The Underlying Principles Driving Advancements
  • The Latest Gadgets and Inventions
  • The Mysteries of Cryptography 
  • The Impact of Social Media

Through engaging storytelling and thorough analysis, TechStuff educates and entertains listeners. It unravels complex concepts and sheds light on the transformative power of technology in our lives. 

This is the perfect tech podcast for experts and inquisitive minds alike as it guides listeners through the ins and outs of invention and innovation.

Host: Jonathan Strickland 

Pitch TechStuff at iHeart

Episode Length: 20-60 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 

Apple Rating: 4.3

Spotify Rating: 4.3

TED Tech

best tech podcast ted tech

TED Tech is an exploration of groundbreaking ideas and innovations shaping the future of technology and society. 

In each episode, host Sherrell Dorsey features thought-provoking presentations from leading experts, entrepreneurs, and visionaries in the tech world. 

From AI and robotics to cybersecurity and digital ethics, TED Tech ventures into the forefront of technological advancements. It offers inspiring insights and fresh perspectives on the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

With its blend of informative content and captivating conversations, this is one of the best tech podcasts for anyone passionate about harnessing the power of technology to drive positive change in the world.

Host: Sherrell Dorsey

Pitch Sherrell Dorsey

Episode Length: 15 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Every Friday

Apple Rating: 4.3

Spotify Rating: 4.7

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3 Best In-Depth Tech Podcasts

In-depth tech podcasts are invaluable resources for listeners seeking more comprehensive analyses and detailed discussions on a wide range of technological topics. 

These podcasts go beyond surface-level coverage, diving deep into the intricacies of emerging technologies, industry trends, and societal impacts. 

Through the exploration of the latest innovations and the dissection of long-standing tech debates, in-depth tech podcasts offer a rich and immersive listening experience that informs, educates, and inspires.

Thoughtworks Technology Podcast

best tech podcast thoughtworks technology

Thoughtworks Technology Podcast is a compelling bi-monthly exploration of:

  • Software Development Methodologies
  • Top Tech Innovations and Trends
  • Digital Transformation Strategies

Every other Thursday, a regular co-host roster of seasoned technologists and industry experts from the global software consultancy Thoughtworks examines the intersection of tech, business, and society. 

The Thoughtworks Technology Podcast team delivers enlightening discussions, case studies, and practical insights with a focus on tech fluency and positive change. This is a great listen for software engineers and amateur tech enthusiasts. 

Hosts: Thoughtworks Team

Pitch Thoughtworks Technology Podcast

Episode Length: 30-45 Minutes 

Episode Schedule: Every Other Thursday 

Apple Rating: 4.5

Spotify Rating: 4.7

Accidental Tech Podcast

best tech podcast accidental tech

Accidental Tech Podcast (ATP) is one of the best tech podcasts for tech freaks and Apple geeks alike. 

Hosts Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa provide insightful Apple-focused hot takes on the latest news, rumors, and developments in the tech world. 

Each episode is an informative and enjoyable mixture of tech passion, humor, and expertise. 

Join the nerdy trio as they:

  • Engage in Lively Technology Discussions
  • Share Entertaining Tech-necdotes 
  • Dissect Technical Details 

If you’re interested in software, hardware, or the broader tech industry, ATP has engaging content that will keep you coming back for more!

Hosts: Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa

Pitch ATP

Episode Length: 120 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Every Thursday 

Apple Rating: 4.4

Spotify Rating: 4.3

Darknet Diaries

best tech podcast darknet diaries

Darknet Diaries is a gripping tech podcast that takes you on a nail-biting journey into the world of: ⁤  ⁤

  • Secret Government Activity ⁤  ⁤
  • Hackers and Hacktivism  ⁤  ⁤
  • Digital Espionage
  • Data Breaches 
  • Cybersecurity ⁤  ⁤

Jack Rhysider is your guide down the dark digital alleyways. ⁤⁤He shares captivating true stories of cybercrime and the individuals who dwell in the dark corners of the Internet. ⁤  ⁤

Meticulous research, immersive storytelling, and expert interviews make Darknet Diaries a dream ᅳ or nightmare ᅳ come true for crime, tech, and podcast fans alike. ⁤⁤Every episode provides a fascinating glimpse into the high-stakes world of cyber warfare and digital subterfuge. ⁤  ⁤

Host: Jack Rhysider

Pitch Darknet Diaries

Episode Length: 30-90 minutes

Episode Schedule: Monthly, Tuesdays

Apple Rating: 4.9

Spotify Rating: 5.0

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3 Best Tech News Podcasts

A convenient and accessible way to stay current on developments and trends in the tech industry is by listening to the top tech podcasts for tech news. 

These insightful resources focus on delivering clear and concise tech info.

Whether you’re interested in product launches, industry mergers, or regulatory changes, these tech news podcasts will keep you up-to-speed and in the loop.

Daily Tech News Show

best tech podcast daily tech news show

Daily Tech News Show is a succinct yet comprehensive independent tech podcast that delivers the latest updates and analysis from the world of technology. 

In each episode, hosts Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane condense the day’s most significant tech stories into a digestible format, covering things like: 

  • Social Impact and Implications
  • Regulatory Developments
  • Breakthrough Innovations
  • Product Launches 
  • Industry Trends

Merritt and Lane keep listeners informed through insightful commentary and expert opinions.  

If you’re a total techie or just a casual tech listener, Daily Tech News Show caters to you. It’s one of the top tech podcasts committed to clarity and relevance, making it a great go-to addition to your regular tech news rotation.

Hosts: Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane

Pitch Daily Tech News Show

Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Weekdays

Apple Rating: 4.9

Spotify Rating: 4.8

This Week in Tech

best tech podcast twit tech

Affectionately dubbed TWiT, This Week in Tech is one of the top-ranked tech podcasts from TWiT.tv. Luminary host Leo Laporte leads roundtable discussions with leading experts to explore the week’s most compelling tech news and trends. 

With a panel of knowledgeable industry insiders, the show dives deep into:

  • Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Blockchain 

These lively discussions are recorded a quarter past 5 PM EST every Sunday. With insightful analyses and occasional humor, TWiT presents well-rounded overviews of the tech world’s top news and trends.

Host: Leo Laporte

Pitch TWiT

Episode Length: 2.5 Hours 

Episode Schedule: Every Sunday

Apple Rating: 3.9

Spotify Rating: 4.8

Clockwise (Relay FM)

best tech podcast clockwise

Clockwise is a lively, insightful tech podcast known for its fast-paced format and engaging discussions. 

Hosts Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent are joined by two guests each week who help them tackle four tech topics in 30 minutes or less. 

With a blend of wit, expertise, and diverse perspectives, the show covers: 

  • Industry News 
  • Tech Trends 
  • Cool Gadgets 
  • Useful Apps 

Clockwise is a must-listen if you’re looking to stay tech-savvy and entertained in the time it takes to order a pizza!

Hosts: Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent

Pitch Clockwise

Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Every Wednesday 

Apple Rating: 4.5

Spotify Rating: 4.6

3 Best Business Tech Podcasts

Business tech podcasts are excellent resources for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to stay on top of their tech game. They cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Startup Strategies
  • Market Trends

Whether you’re looking to optimize your operations, explore new growth opportunities, or stay informed about the latest tech disruptions, these business tech podcasts provide indispensable knowledge and inspiration for success.

Tech Your Business by Target ICT 

best tech podcasts tech your business

Tech Your Business by Target ICT, is one of the best tech podcasts catering to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals eager to leverage technology for success. 

Host Peter Banigo delves into practical strategies, innovative tools, and emerging trends specifically tailored to empower businesses in the digital age. 

Banigo equips his audience with actionable insights to drive growth and efficiency. 

Listeners glean applied business advice on everything from harnessing the power of data analytics and cloud computing to maximizing productivity with automation and cybersecurity. 

With a focus on real-world applications and tangible outcomes, Tech Your Business helps business owners at any level navigate the intersection of technology and business with confidence.

Host: Peter Banigo

Pitch Tech Your Business or Book a Pre-call

Episode Length: 20-60 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Every Monday

Apple Rating: 5.0

Spotify Rating: 5.0

B2B Tech Talk (Ingram Micro)

best tech podcasts b2b tech talk

B2B Tech Talk is an engaging tech podcast designed for IT professionals, solution providers, and tech enthusiasts looking to stay ahead in the fast-paced tech world. 

Hosted by Shelby Skrhak, a digital journalist with over 20 years of experience, each episode explores: 

  • Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Industry Trends
  • Best Practices 

This informative podcast helps businesses thrive in a digital-first world. From discussions on cybersecurity and cloud computing to insights into emerging markets and strategic partnerships, B2B Tech Talk is one of the top tech podcasts offering valuable perspectives and advice to drive innovation and success. 

With a solutions-based focus and actionable insights, B2B Tech Talk is a high-quality resource for CIOs, IT pros, and even computer science majors!

Host: Shelby Skrhak

Pitch Shelby Skrhak

Episode Length: 15-30 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Weekdays

Apple Rating: 5.0

Spotify Rating: 5.0

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast

best tech podcasts the tech talks daily

Tech blog writer Neil C. Hughes keeps listeners tech-current with The Tech News Daily Podcast

Dedicated to the unification of business and technology, the show features insightful interviews with industry leaders, innovators, and experts. 

Hughes’ approach brings listeners captivating stories and stimulating discussions on:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain
  • AI

With a focus on humanizing technology and its impact on society, this tech podcast explores how emerging technologies are reshaping industries, driving change, and shaping our future. 

The Tech News Daily Podcast is a great listen for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, or business leaders, providing the knowledge and fresh perspectives to fuel curiosity and drive innovation.

Host: Neil C. Hughes

Pitch The Tech Talks Daily Podcast

Episode Length: 30-45 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Daily

Apple Rating: 5.0

Spotify Rating: 4.7

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3 Best Short-Form Tech Podcasts

Are you short on time but still need to quench your thirst for tech information? 

Well, short-form tech podcasts are just the thing to get your quick dose of tech insights. 

Mini podcast episodes usually stay below the 20-minute mark, while increasingly popular microcasts share their speedy stories in five minutes or less. 

Short-form tech podcasts cater to techies on the go, making them a valuable and convenient resource in today’s fast-paced tech world.

WSJ Tech News Briefing

best tech podcast wsj tech news briefing

Tech News Briefing from The Wall Street Journal is a mini podcast that delivers essential insights and analysis on the latest developments in the tech industry. 

Host Zoe Thomas provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of the day’s top tech news stories, covering: 

  • Major Company Announcements
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Market Trends

With a focus on delivering reliable reporting and in-depth analysis, the WSJ Tech News Briefing is one of the top tech podcasts keeping listeners informed and empowered to navigate the rapidly evolving tech landscape. 

From tech enthusiasts and investors to gadget geeks and gizmo pros, this tech podcast will keep you in the tech know.

Host: Zoe Thomas

Pitch Zoe Thomas

Episode Length: 2-12 Minutes

Episode Schedule: Weekdays

Apple Rating: 4.3

Spotify Rating: 4.7

Techmeme Ride Home

best tech podcasts techmeme ride home

Techmeme Ride Home is your daily dose of tech news distilled into a convenient, insightful ride. 

Hosted by veteran tech journalist Brian McCullough, each episode delivers a comprehensive roundup of the day’s top tech stories in just under 20 minutes. 

With clarity and depth, McCullough breaks down: 

  • Major Acquisitions
  • Product Launches
  • Industry Trends

Techmeme Ride Home is perfect for busy tech professionals or tech enthusiasts who are short on time and provides a convenient and informative way to stay on top of all things tech.

Host: Brian McCullough

Pitch Techmeme Ride Home 

Episode Length: 15 Minutes 

Episode Schedule: Weekdays 

Apple Rating: 4.7

Spotify Rating: 4.8

Business of Tech

best tech podcasts business of tech

The Business of Tech podcast navigates the intersection of technology and business in a short time, offering essential insights and analysis for industry professionals and entrepreneurs alike. 

Hosted by tech industry expert Dave Sobel, each episode delves into:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Industry Trends
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Services

Through interviews with tech thought leaders, case studies, and commentary, Business of Tech provides updates and actionable strategies in about 10 minutes to help businesses leverage technology effectively and drive growth.

Host: Dave Sobel

Pitch Business of Tech 

Episode Length: 10-20 Minutes 

Episode Schedule: Weekdays

Apple Rating: 5.0

Spotify Rating: 4.9

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Wrapping Up

Diving into the world of tech podcasts is like entering a never-ending buffet of bytes, where each episode serves up a savory stew of breaking news, expert insights, and the occasional dash of humor. 

And just like your favorite software, these podcasts receive regular updates, ensuring that listeners are always on the cutting edge of developments in the tech world. 

Whatever your tech niche or level of expertise, there’s a podcast out there waiting to tickle your nerd bone and fuel your tech fluency. 

Hopefully, this roundup will point you in the right direction. Tune in and geek out! 

If you’d like more help narrowing down the perfect tech podcasts for PR opportunities, book a Preston demo to access our extensive podcast smörgåsbord.