Top Crypto Press Release Distribution Services [2024]

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By Intelligent Relations Team

The crypto space can be unforgiving. After Bitcoin went mainstream, of the over 80,000 crypto projects launched 92% failed after only 1.22 years, on average.

No matter how great your crypto idea might be, it won’t survive the market without investors or publicity.

One of the best ways to ensure some success is by compiling a crypto press release, then using a distribution service to get the announcement to a wider audience. 

If you get it right, a press release can increase the chances of brand visibility, giving your cryptocurrency project a real shot at survival.

But it can also be easy to get wrong, so in this guide, we’ll cover broad and fine-point details of crypto press release distribution, including:

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What is a crypto press release distribution service?

A crypto press release distribution service is a business that sends your crypto press release to targeted media outlets. They also send it to journalists, influencers, and organizations that focus on the crypto industry. Crypto, being far from mainstream, can benefit from a service that specializes in crypto press releases and publications. 

Frequently referred to as “wire” services, these companies handle, for a fee, the marketing side of your industry announcement through their relevant contracts. All you have to do is outline and draft the press release and decide which wire service to employ.

Hopefully, the targeted outlets pick up your press release and provide coverage, netting you that brand exposure that will, with any luck, lead to attention and investors. 

Already decided that a crypto press release distribution service doesn’t sound right for you? That’s okay! Try targeting your crypto press release to individual crypto and NFT journalists instead. Here’s a list of the top crypto and NFT journalists to get you started: The Ultimate Guide to NFT Journalists [2024 Update]

When should you issue a crypto press release?

A crypto press release isn’t distributed just for the sake of it. It should feature a truly newsworthy announcement to make it worthwhile for a media contact to read it, let alone provide coverage. 

Without an obvious impact on the marketplace or a connection to a larger context, your crypto press release could be cast aside like hundreds of others media outlets vet every day.

In the crypto industry, examples of newsworthy press release announcements include:

  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)
  • Blockchain Service Announcements
  • NFT Airdrops
  • Launch of a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Service
  • Launch of an NFT Collection
  • Industry Award or Recognition

Stick to crypto press release announcements like these and your press release should fit the bill. 

Timing is also important. Want to know what day or hour you should send a crypto press release? Check out our dedicated article: A Quick Guide to Press Release Submission Timing

What is the best crypto press release distribution service?

Once your press release is written, it’s time to decide on distribution. 

Be warned, however, distribution services are often a dime a dozen, and service quality varies from absolutely stellar to downright terrible. 

These services can also vary by the industries they focus on. Some distribution services cover general contact lists and distributing press releases relevant to multiple industries. What you need are distribution services specifically focused on crypto press releases. 

To save you time, we put together a list of our relevant top picks for the crypto space. 

1. Chainwire

Chainwire is one of the leading blockchain, crypto newswire, and crypto press release distribution services. It aims to provide its customers with guaranteed coverage on some of the top crypto publications via an extensive database.

In addition, Chainwire provides customers with detailed and real-time analytics on how widely their press release has been distributed and which publications picked it up.

Their pricing structure is also pretty flexible, featuring three tiers:

  • Lite – 8 Guaranteed Press Hits ($1,399)
  • Standard – 16 Guaranteed Press Hits ($2,499)
  • Premium – 60+ Guaranteed Press Hits ($6,499) 

2. Businesswire

Businesswire is a global leader in press release distribution. While their service reach is fairly general, they were the first in the industry to offer crypto marketing when the Bitcoin craze began. 

Distribution is handled through a custom-built network (NX Network) which publishes content in 100,000+ media outlets across 162 countries.

Having been in the content distribution game for over 60 years, Businesswire has a well-deserved reputation for excellence. That being said, their pricing can be a little steep, but they do offer more affordable options for smaller press releases.

  • Local – $475 for a 400-word Release
  • Regional – $510 for a 400-word Release
  • National – $940 for a 400-word Release
  • Core – $2,495 for 5 Non-earnings Releases to any U.S. State, Metro, or City Circuit
  • Advanced – $3,295 for 5 Non-earnings Releases to any U.S. Regional or Corridor Circuit
  • Premium – $4,195 for 5 Non-earnings Releases to the U.S. National Circuit 

3. Accesswire

Accesswire is a global newswire and press release distribution service with a footprint in 98 countries and a distribution network that includes over 1,500 media outlets. 

While Accesswire doesn’t focus on crypto, it does focus on companies seeking potential investors. They also provide their customers with a cloud-based portal that allows them to monitor their media outreach and social engagement.

What makes them a good choice for startups is a highly affordable flat-fee payment structure that can be pay-as-you-go or bundled.

  • Online – $159 per Feature for Online-only Distribution
  • Budget – $379 per Feature for Online-only Distribution (News Outlets, TV Stations, and Online Publications)
  • National – $695 per Feature for Larger Companies (Major News Outlets and Trading Platforms)
  • Premium – $995 per Feature for High-tier Publications (e.g., Business Insider, AP mobile, and Industry-specific Publications) 

4. PR Newswire

Headquartered in Chicago, PR Newswire is a trusted and secure way to send out crypto press releases to either a national or global audience. 

Like Accesswire, PR Newswire has a general scope when it comes to industries they cover, but they aim to provide the best distribution, monitoring, and engagement with target publications.

Also, to better ensure your crypto press release gets picked up they convert it into a sponsored placement that matches the look and feel of a targeted publication’s website.

The pricing structure for PR Newswire is reasonably affordable, depending on desired outreach. Customers must purchase an annual membership for $195, which provides access to webinar training services on leveraging content and engaging more effectively with audiences. 

The actual cost for distributing a 400-word press release is:

  • Local – $350
  • Regional – $575
  • National – $805
  • Global – $1,200 (U.S. and Canada), $3,500 (Europe or Asia), $8,700 (Global) 

5. GlobeNewswire

Headquartered in Los Angeles, GlobeNewswire is a world-leading distribution service focused on customer brand awareness, online visibility, and syndicated media coverage. 

While not a specialized crypto press release distribution service, GlobeNewswire places a special focus on editorial services, helping customers tailor press releases to suit the expectations of a targeted industry.

They provide in-depth performance reviews that will allow you to track the media impact of your crypto press release.

Their pricing model is very affordable for what you get.

  • Self-service (DIY) Option – $150
  • Full-service Option to U.S. National Circuit – $560

Before you send your crypto press release, you’ll want to double check that it follows best practices. If you need a quick refresher, we’ve got you covered. Check it out: How to Write the Perfect Press Release

What are other ways to send out a crypto press release?

While crypto press release distribution services are an efficient and effective option to generate media attention for your crypto press release, they aren’t the only way.

You have the option to also do things on your own, which involves putting together a targeted list of media outlets that you can pitch your press release to directly, via email.

This does take work on your part, but doing things yourself can often be even more successful than using a distribution service. When you have control, you choose the media outlets that you know will be the most interested in what you have to announce.

We put together a dedicated list of crypto and NFT publications and media outlets to get you started. Check it out here: 23 Best Crypto News Websites and NFT Publications [2024 Edition]

Key Takeaways

Getting media coverage for a new crypto project is tricky. The mainstream media and non-crypto enthusiasts don’t know what to think of non-fiat money. And you’re best shot is getting your project in front of people already invested in the crypto and blockchain space.

That’s why considering a crypto press release distribution service is a smart idea. You’ll get your crypto press release to the most important crypto publications and in front of the audiences that will appreciate your announcement the most.

Have super important news you need to distribute right away? Let us help! Simply book a free consultation with us to get expert insight into how to best distribute your crypto press release.