Your Guide to Press Release Distribution Services 

Intelligent Relations
By Intelligent Relations Team

Once you’ve written the perfect press release, there are typically only two options to get that announcement to the right media outlets, and hopefully in front of the right audience. One is pitching directly to journalists yourself, the other is using a press release distribution service. 

In this guide, we’re going to review the best press release distribution service options for 2022, and what you can do to weigh those options and choose the best one for your press release. 

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What makes a good press release distribution service?

In order to choose the most suitable press release distribution service for your needs, you first have to research the key features each platform offers, as well as its reach. 

We suggest ultimately weighing your decision on the following factors: 

Does it reach your target audience?

Always consider whether a distribution service can actually reach your target audience or not. If your press release isn’t going to reach its audience, it’s already a waste of time. 

For example, find out if the distribution service caters to your relevant industry, or if they fit the right niche. Many press release distribution services are very focused on B2C, so, therefore, they might not be the best option for reaching a B2B audience.

What features does it offer?

Features like being able to choose media targets and tracking performance are a couple of the more important options you should be on the lookout for. These can help get your message in front of your audience, as well as measure the success of your press release’s distribution.

Is its price reasonable?

Each distribution service’s pricing is different. Many platforms also charge extra for added features, such as the use of visuals or links in a press release. 

Always carefully consider the most important goal with your press release, and if the features available help you reach that goal and the price matches the benefits.

What are the top services for press release distribution?

To save you the extensive research, we’ve gone ahead and compiled the top 5 press release distribution services this year, along with an overview of their services. Comparing their reach, features, and pricing makes it easier to decide which one fits your needs.

1. EIN Presswire 

EIN Presswire is one of the best press release distribution services due to its ability to target specific audiences both domestic and international for a reasonable cost. 

Combined with wide reach, an easy interface, and a speedy editorial process (only an hour!), this makes it one of the best available options for anyone. However, one disadvantage of using this platform is that they don’t offer press release writing or proofreading services.

Key features

  • Targeting by industry and location
  • Press release distribution internationally in any language
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Quick editorial process
  • Detailed performance tracking 
  • Free embedded video/pictures 
  • High word count (700+)

Pricing model

  • Basic – $99.95 per 1 press release
  • Pro+ – $399.00 per 10 press releases
  • Corporate – $999.00 per 50 press releases

Target industries: Comprehensive political, economic, business, and industry news for every country and 80 industries

Turnaround time: Same day (1 hour weekdays & 6 hours weekends) 

Distribution list: 100+ major news and media sites including The Associated Press/AP Wire, Nexstar, Google News, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and CW affiliate sites

Customer support: Phone and online support are available.

2. eReleases

eReleases is a press release distribution service catering specifically to small businesses, with a wide reach (250+ news and media sites) and a massive journalist database. 

The platform is costly compared to other distribution services, but its database (1.7 million contacts) is highly extensive. eReleases offers the possibility to send your release directly to the inboxes of thousands of these contacts for an additional price.

Key features

  • Targeting by industry
  • Strong journalist database and network
  • High-ranked writing services
  • Detailed reporting
  • Video/picture options 

Pricing models

  • Buzz Builder – $299 per 400-word press release
  • Newsmaker – $399 per 500-word press release
  • PR Pro – $599 per 600-word press release + premium delivery to specific influencers

Target industries: None

Turnaround time: Next day

Distribution list: 250+ major news and media sites including NYT, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, and FOX

Customer support: Personalized phone and online support are available.

3. 24-7 Press Release Newswire

24-7 Press Release is a distribution service that’s easy to use and, though it’s a good option for a business of any size, it also mainly caters to the small ones. 

With a database of more than 2,000 U.S. newspapers and over 1,000 magazines, and a wide reach, this service offers affordable plans and highly ranked writing services. 

Key features

  • Targeting by industry
  • Affordable plans
  • High-ranked writing services 
  • Basic statistics reporting

Pricing model

  • Simple Post – $29 per press release
  • Visibility Boost – $49 per press release
  • PR Network Plus – $89 per press release
  • Integrated Media Pro – $139 per press release
  • Mass Media Visibility – $419 per press release

Target industries: Several different target industries for SMEs

Turnaround time: Next day

Distribution list: 200+ major news and media sites 

Customer support: Personalized phone and online support are available.

4. SiteTrail

SiteTrail is a new and affordable press release distribution service that’s quick and easy to use. 

Apart from press release writing and distribution, SiteTrail also specializes in SEO, offering services like guest posting to help you get the most benefits out of your press release. 

The company offers a wide variety of digital services related to PR and marketing, and pricing is generally lower than that of competitors—unfortunately so is their network and reach.

Key features

  • High-quality writing services 
  • Affordable plans

Pricing model

  • Press Release & Editorial News – $399 per press release
  • Unlimited Press Releases – $199 per month

Target industries: Business & Finance, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, Investor Relations, Entertainment & Filming, Music, Luxury & Retail, Travel / Tourism / Hotel, Technology & Telecoms, Healthcare & Medical, Real Estate & Wealth

Turnaround time: 24 to 48 hours

Distribution list: 50+ media sites

Customer support: Online contact form available (no calls without prior booking)

5. PRWeb

PRWeb is a press release distribution service that offers industry-specific targeting and a wide reach (1,200+ sites). This allows you to reach a really wide audience for a reasonable price.

Similar to eReleases, PRWeb provides an option to email journalists directly for an additional cost. PRWeb also offers real-time advanced performance tracking for all of their plans.

Key features

  • Targeting by industry
  • SEO optimization included
  • Affordable plans
  • Video/picture/hyperlink options
  • Detailed performance tracking 
  • Optional free proofreading 

Pricing model

  • Basic – $99 per press release
  • Standard – $189 per press release
  • Advanced – $289 per press release
  • Premium – $389 per press release

Target industries: Arts & Entertainment, Associations & Non-Profit, Authors & Book Publishers, E-commerce, Local Business, Real Estate, Restaurants, Technology, Travel & Hospitality

Turnaround time: 48 hours (same day for additional cost) 

Distribution list: 1,200+ media sites

Customer support: 24/7 online support is available.

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How IR can help with press release distribution

So there you have it—the best press release distribution services this year. Another topic, however, is whether they’re actually a good option for press release distribution at all.

At Intelligent Relations, we’ve handled the drafting and distribution of hundreds of press releases for clients and we can say from experience that, though it takes more time to pitch directly, it’s more effective in terms of press release publishing success rates.

We believe creating personal relationships with media contacts, combined with the use of cutting-edge technology, is the key to the most effective and efficient PR. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.