Guide to a New Board Member Press Release for 2024 [+ Examples]

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By Intelligent Relations Team

Do you have a well-respected member joining your company’s board of directors? Great! Writing a press release about it can be a great way to create positive buzz around your business.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to write a new board member press release and walk you through the following topics:

  • What is a New Board Member Press Release?
  • How to Write a Board Member Press Release
  • New Board Member Press Release Template
  • How to Make Your Press Release Stand Out
  • How to Distribute a New Board Member Press Release

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What is a new board member press release?

A new board member press release is an announcement about a new addition to your company’s board of directors. The intention is to gain media coverage by sharing it and to inform various stakeholders. You’ll want to include the new member’s previous positions and why thy are a good fit.

New board member press releases should also include:

  • Background Information
  • Expected Impact on the Company
  • A Quote from the CEO
  • Other Relevant Information

Writing a new board member press release is a great idea especially when the new member is a well-known or respected professional in their field that brings a lot of value to the company.

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How to Write a New Board Member Press Release

The best way to write a new board member press release is to follow the “inverted pyramid” structure.

This structure puts the most important information at the top and the rest in order of its relevance and starts by addressing the “5 Ws”—who, what, when, where, and why—right away. 

The 5 Ws give your readers a quick overview of the announcement and inspire them to read further.

  • Who: Briefly introduce the new board member. 
  • What: Describe the appointment of the new board member.
  • When: Specify the establishment and the time frame when the new change is taking place. 
  • Where: Start your press release by stating the city and the state where your company headquarters or specific branch is located.
  • Why: Explain why this announcement is important and why this specific person was a good addition to your company.

After the overview, it’s a good idea to include a quote from the new member. Then you should dig deeper into their background and additional details on why this person will create a positive impact on the company. Gradually moving toward the less important details is a good strategy for structuring your announcement.

To know exactly how to structure your new board member press release here’s a useful template that you can follow.

New Board Member Press Release Template

This new board member press release template will show you exactly what to write in each section in order to leverage the event to gain positive media attention.

How to format a press release
  1. Title: Get straight to the point by summarizing what your press release is about. 
  1. First Paragraph: Address the “5 W”s. Explain who was appointed as a board member, in which company, and when the change will be effective.
  1. Second Paragraph: Include a quote from the new board member.
  1. Third Paragraph: Provide more background information about the new board member and explain why that person is a good fit and brings value to the company. 
  1. Fourth Paragraph: Include a quote from the company’s CEO regarding the new board member.
  1. Fifth and Sixth Paragraphs: Include any additional relevant background information or details about the new board member.
  1. Boilerplate: A boilerplate is a short summary of your company. Ideally, it should fit in just one paragraph.
  1. Contact Info: Provide names and email addresses of the people who will handle press queries. You can also add any additional information such as phone number and postal address.

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Making a New Board Member Press Release Stand Out

Now that you have the structure ready, you can start finetuning your press release to make sure it attracts the attention of the journalists.

Sorry to break it to you – but just having a new board member is not newsworthy by itself. You need to make sure you explain why this is interesting and important for a wider audience.

This is what’s known as creating the hook. Your hook should basically answer the question – “Why on earth would anyone outside of our company care about a new board member?”

If you can’t answer this question – it’s likely that you’re missing the hook. And without it – well, the chances of catching the journalist’s attention are not ideal.

How to Submit a New Board Member Press Release

After having the right structure and creating a compelling hook, all that is left to do is to share it with the media. For this, you have two options: using a press release distribution service or directly pitching it to the journalists.

Both options have their pros and cons but in 99% of the cases, we recommend the latter. It’s much more time-consuming than using a press release service but the chances of your press release getting featured in the media are much higher.

Contacting the journalists individually also helps you to start creating important relationships with the press that might also become very valuable in the future. 

Wrapping Up

Now you know our secrets to a successful new board member press release. But just one more thing –  don’t forget to start the process in time!

If you’re doing everything yourself from writing a new board room press release to pitching, you should get started at least a few weeks before you’d like to have your announcement covered in the media.

This assures that you give enough time for the journalists to consider your pitch and potentially prepare their article about it. 

Still not sure how to write a new board member press release? Let us help! Simply book a free consultation to get expert insight into how to start or improve your press release.